Thoughts #1: Zombie Badge

The “Thoughts” posts are a series of smaller posts that just throw out random ideas and thoughts for the readers. 

Lets say you have a place that gets a decent amount of visits per place. Then lets assume you make a badge, and the requirements to get it are as such:

  • When a player goes into a server, check if he has the badge.
  • If he does, award everyone in the server the badge.
  • If he doesn’t, check if anyone in the server has the badge. If someone does, award the player the badge.

Then you join a server to start the “infection” and stand back and see what happens. This is surprisingly a good way to gauge how often players come back to play your game. If the badge count slows or even stops, that means your game doesn’t have any replayability and people aren’t coming back to your place for the badge to infect others.

Conversely, if the number is expanding fast, players are constantly leaving and joining other servers which could indicate that something may be breaking in certain servers and players are looking for a “working” one.

There’s also a very rare posibility that your badge has infected almost all active players joining your place and there’s no one left to award the badge to.

You might even be able to add an incentive to get said badge, which will cause people to go searching for people with the badge and ask them to join – and more players in your place is always good.



Rocket Review #4

Review #3 died a a while back because I could never seem to get it “right” and after a long time I just deleted the footage.

Did you notice a bit of text blurring in this episode? I hope you didn’t! Some people were saying some bad things in the chat so I had to report them, but I forgot to retake the shots during the time the text was onscreen. 😦 This video had a very quick turnover, being done start to finish in about an hour. The great part of Rocket Reviews is that I only need to take as much footage as I need to get the point across in 30 seconds, but with any other series I can have 15+ minutes of footage to edit and sift through.

Hopefully more stuff will be coming in due time!



Bah! I hate doing update posts! That means I’ve been slacking off with content creation and that so much has happened that a giant update post is required.

So hello! A lot is happening right now, so let me fill you in:

  • Roblox Game Conference is happening soon, so I’ve been getting things together so that I can make my trip awesome. I still don’t know what I’ll be doing there exactly, but I’ll try my best to keep you informed on my Twitter account.
  • Speaking of my Twitter account, you should follow it! I post links to a lot of stuff and I throw a lot of ideas out to gauge interest. Be heard and follow me so that you’ll be in the loop
  • I’ve been streaming on playing everything from Roblox to TF2 to Minecraft to Mario. Of course, if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen all the links.

But that’s just the past week of stuff! I got a lot planned including:

  • The thrilling conclusion of The Creation with an awesome bonus (no not that kind of bonus go away)
  • Site design swap as we move from a hosted account to our own server!
  • A super secret project THAT’S GOING TO DROP AFTER RGC SORRY.
  • More videos!
  • More streaming!

A lot of this is in the pipeline and may take a bit before actually going live, so don’t expect to see it tomorrow. See you soon!


The Creation: Part 3

The Creation: A short story by Briguy9876

Part 3

I sat down against the wall on the other side of the room to keep my distance from the cube. I tried to recap my situation to try to focus. Stuck in a lab with a cube that can remove all light in the area when provoked? Yeah, that makes me less focused. What options do I have? If I wait, the cube might activate again. If I start more testing, it might activate again. If I even look at it funny, it could activate again. I knew nothing of how the cube works. That’s when I knew what I had to figure out next: what activates the cube so that I know to not do it again.

I was taking a risk with this, but if I didn’t know what triggered a response, I wouldn’t know how to protect myself, and the rest of the lab, from it’s powers. I walked over to the machine that the cube was in when it activated. I wasn’t completely sure of how this machine got it’s readings, but I hoped it was pretty obvious when I opened it. Unfortunately, I had no tools in the room to open it. Well, if count gravity as a tool, then I did.

The machine smashed into the ground, breaking it’s casing so that I could pry it open to get a better idea of the process. Most of the workings was some gears, motherboards and other assorted scripts, but the main part appeared to be a blue lightbulb. I removed the bulb from the machine and brought it over to where some more tools had been left. I found the flashlight in the group and replaced the regular bulb with this blue one. I made sure the light coming off this wouldn’t reach the cube, and I turned on the light. A faint blue glow was visible from it.

It was a UV light, or a black light. This is why the machine needs to be closed to the outside before testing – it needs to have no external lights adding to the readings. But why does a black light trigger the cube? Does it even trigger the cube? I needed to be sure. I brought the cube to the center of the room and secured everything to make sure nothing would be added to the experiment. Just the cube and a black light. I got a few feet away from the cube, braced myself for what could come, and turned on the light.

One thing I didn’t know about the testing machine was that it makes the blacklight very dim for proper testing. My flashlight gave off 1000% more UV light than the first event. Whoops.

In a matter of seconds, the cube spun up and blacked out the room. However, the hum of the cube never seemed to stop. It grew even louder and louder. I turned of the light. The hum started to get lower, but it never completely went away. The lights never returned. I was standing in pitch black that never went away. I was consumed by the darkness.

The Creation: Part 2

The Creation: A short story by Briguy9876

Part 2

This should be impossible. No material in the world of Robloxia should be this pitch black. The only way it could be this pitch black is if it was taking all the light hitting it and throwing it into some unknown location. It was a black hole housed inside a cube. But I wasn’t here to look, I was here to experiment, and the only way to do that was to take the cube out and hold it myself. I made sure my gloves were secure, and I pulled the cube out of it’s final enclosure.

A piercing alarm cut through my delicate processes, and made me drop the cube back into it’s enclosure. The alarm was clear, even through my safety gear. I started to fix the cube to fit properly into it’s protective box when I heard the blast doors in the lab lock fully. I stopped putting the cube away, because the doors will lock if there’s been a breach in the labs. I don’t know which specific lab was breached, but it had to be one nearby to trigger a lock in this lab block. Or worse yet, it could have been my lab.

I could hear more security doors closing, making the alarm fainter and fainter. There was no way for me to communicate with the outside because they didn’t want to wire communications through several feet of concrete and steel. Right now, there wasn’t much I could do except to wait, and since I was stuck inside, I might as well continue testing on the cube. Saying I worked through a containment breach might get me some respect around the lab anyways.

The testing proceeded normally. Cube had a smooth surface, but I didn’t want to take off my gloves for a better feel. Cube dimensions were exactly 1 by 1 by 1. Zero radiation from the cube, which is a bit odd considering the background does have some minor radiation. Cube weighed exactly one unit. Nothing seemed too odd until I got to the last section: age.

We test the decay of certain elements of the cube to gather it’s age. Normally we’d have to break off a sample of the object in order to test it, but I was specifically requested to put the material in whole. The tester will be less accurate because it’s open to the rest of the lab, but it will get close. I brought the cube over to the machine, and placed the cube inside on a metal stand, leaving the door open. The machine began to power up, spinning the cube in order to get more testing area.

However the machine quickly began to rattle, and I thought the door was loose because I had to keep it open. On closer inspection I noticed the cube was spinning much faster than the machine should be able to spin it. I tried to shut the machine down, but it was stuck in it’s testing cycle, feeding data out until it was sure of what it was looking at. The machine began to move, and the table with it. Not wanting to have a table fall on me, I backed away until the machine finished, or destroyed itself. Whatever came first.

The cube began spinning so fast, a hum emanated from it. Faster, and the machine stopped rattling. Faster, and I could see the cube had become airborne. Faster, and the lights in the room began to dim. Faster, the lights dimmed more. Faster, and I could barely see the black cube in the nearly black room. Faster, and it was pitch black. I heard the hum grow louder and louder until finally it ceased, the lights returned, and the cube was floating just over the machine.

I approached slowly, not wanting another accident. The cube was silent, sitting in the air like it was anchored there. I didn’t want to grab it at first, but I felt like it would be worse to leave it there. The instant I grabbed it, the cube lost it’s power of flight and became a servant of gravity once more. I hustled over to the container for the cube to protect me from it, but it didn’t fit. It wasn’t too obvious at first, but the cube had grown during that incident. It wouldn’t fit in it’s container anymore. I brought it to the other side of the lab, and went to go check on the machine.

It was still functional, and was ready to give a readout of it’s findings. I found my notes and began to write down what it said. Test: Complete. Accuracy: 95% Age: 5,000,000,000 years old. Wait, five BILLION? That can’t be right, but the machine said it was sure of it’s findings, and I didn’t want to test again. But, that number…

Robloxia is 5 billion years old… this cube was part of the creation of Robloxia.

The Creation: Part 1

The Creation: A short story by Briguy9876

Part 1

They say we were created from nothing, except for one brick. One block floating in nothingness, constantly trying to be destroyed by the dark. They say the brick survived thanks to the arrival of the light, which fought the darkness and brought protection to the block. They’ve said a lot of things about the early days, and I was never really inclined to believe them until I tried to play the parts of the light and the darkness at the same time.

I was working at the Rynden division laboratory at the time. Rynden is the research division of Redcliff Industries, the biggest company in all of Robloxia. Redcliff prides itself on it’s history, constantly reminding us of how they protected the lands in ancient times. They still say they are there for our protection, but from what I’ve seen ship out of Rynden to the clients, I’d probably argue otherwise. Not like I could anyways – once you sign up for Rynden, they’ll keep you inside the lab until you’re no longer useful to them. You have to be really desperate to get a spot in Rynden, and I was.

Recently the lab workers have been talking about a new material that Rynden has gotten it’s hands on. From what has been trickling down to us, we’ve gathered that it was found in Redcliff sacred land, untouched for thousands of years. A small war broke out over what should be done with the material, but ultimately it was settled that Redcliff Industries should get it because they own the land it was found on. Of course, I’m sure that isn’t how it happened. Only the news that makes Redcliff Inc look good gets sent to it’s employees, and this didn’t contest that claim.

The lab was told to halt all projects one day, and everyone quickly gathered why. The next day, the unknown material was present in the deepest (and safest) containment lab we had. During the long containment protocol, the lab boys all drew straws to see who would go do basic tests on it. They were all hoping to get the short straw, but I was wishing I could avoid it at all costs. The whole situation was suspicious. We have clean rooms. Why are they putting it in containment instead of a clean room? I wanted to walk away.

Ten minutes later I was in the containment room with a full bio-hazard suit on carrying basic equipment. Damn.

The material was stored in a box that seemed to be able to take a full explosion without rupturing. It took five minutes just to undo all the outside locks, and there were multiple layers. Finally, after many sweaty minutes, I reached the main cube. Inside this final solid steel box was the material, and I was going to be the first in the lab to see it. I took the steel box and brought it to the table with all of my equipment on it. This table also had a camera on it so the rest of the lab could see too. The containment lab was soundproof, blastproof, and fireproof, but I could hear the suspense, notice the shakes, and feel the heat of excitement from the rest of the lab.

Finally, when everything was ready,  I opened the locks on the containment box. I started to open it slowly to make sure it wasn’t fluid. When nothing came out, I opened the box to see… nothing. No, I mean, something was in the box, but…

It was just Nothingness. Blackness. Void. I was staring into a cube of complete black… a cube of Nothing.

Rocket Review #2 and other news

I think the video states it pretty well. The best option for avoiding death shouldn’t be the easiest. I guess the appeal is in the absurdity, not the gameplay.

In other news, the post asking for applications about a month or two ago never got any decent responses. Some were neat and some were worthwhile ideas, but no one seemed to get the idea. Briguy’s Roblox is about trying new things, experimenting with different forms of media to find what works best to continue to generate content on a good level of quality and at a consistent pace.

You are always free to submit community articles in the Submit tab or e-mailing me at