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Miked’s Minigame World

No one plays it anymore. I dont see why. nonetheless, Im still going to review it, in hopes that someone goes to it.

Miked’s Minigame World (Called MMW from now on, ‘cuse its too long to type) is , simply put, a bunch of mini-games. Since the whole place is just minigames, ill just review them all.

Game1: Dont sink!

The floors dissapear. Stay alive for the longest. Not too hard, but its also a game of luck. If there are 2 floors left and there are people on both, one has to go. you dont know which one, though. At the beginning, I suggest to stay away from everyone else, and stand at any intersection of floors. That way, you can move off a brick faster.

Game2: Zombies!

Yes, the classic Zarm-arm comes back. All you have to do is not become a zombie. The more people in the game, the longer the zombie has to infect everyone. I suggest to not bunch up, stay away from the zombie, and dont try to get all fancy by jumping over the zombie. If by chance you DO get infected, just dont stand there and whine! Go and make sure everyone else looses!

Game3: Soccer!

I never really liked this game. Soccer is pretty easy: Hit the white ball into the other players goal. You get some dive and run tools also. Use the run tool to shoot and pass the ball, use the dive tool to get a ball another player has (Becauyse dive doesnt have much power behind it) IF there are enuff players on the field, assign a goalie to run into the ball and keep it away

Game4: Reach the flag!

A mini-obsticle course? Grat. Not my stong point. But I have reached the top before, dont worry. At the begging, run around the the other side. Go up, and around. Be careful when you get to the part where you climb on the vines: Anyon can push you off of that QUICKLY.

Game5: Ice jumpers!

Too new for me: Ive neverr made it to the end. But ive won it a lot. Why? Because other people screw up too quickly. And people dont know how far they jump. You ned to practice this one to get a feel for the jumping, but after that, its simple! Or, if your not in the mood to jump around, just stay at the beginning and wait for everyone the screw up!

Game6: Push everyone off!

Woah! How did you get up on this white platform? And why is your arm so big? Why? Its the last minigame! its not too hard: Push everyone off! And hurry, because the white area starts to shrink! If you cant get someone off just try to spin them off! But dont keep on spinning: You can get knocked down easier that way! Only spin if you can get a good whack on ’em

Secrets: There arent many secrets to this map. You see the disco board? yeah, run into the brown one, and..you go through! THis is where miked stores all the items needed for mini-games. Can you get the zombie out of its cage? I can.

Also, if theres an admin in the room, you can ask him to open the lobby, which is a nice place to hang out when you lose.


Did I forget any mini-games? I hope not. Have fun, and leave comments!


3 Responses

  1. You forgot Iceberg Jump.

  2. He didn’t forget it, it’s game five. Anyway… I’m also confused as to why noone goes there… I think it’s due to lack of knowledge, as I’ve seen lesser mini-game worlds (as well as blatant copies) dominate the Games list all day. Spread the word!!!

  3. for justinp231, no 1 goes there anymore because its too glitchy most of the times

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