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Bread Factory Tycoon

Todays guide is on

Bready Factory Tycoon by UberUbert

New: Uberubert has sent me some updates to his map. This guide (V1.1) includes:

  • Exact Values of bread types
  • New info on Repairman
  • Button Updates (Sabatoge Works now)
  • Spolier Removed

New Updates Appear in Red

Anyways, lets get on to the guide, Shall we?


The game idea is simple: Make the most money and upgrade your factory to its max. While the “Max” May change, its still hard to acheive. I suggexst you follow this guide through, so that you dont end up leaving from fustration.

Once you join, you can either be 2 things: Factory owner of Repairman. Repairman are touched on at the end of this guide.Once you get to be owner, the factory resets. This is normal. Start by making some flour, and activating the water machine (Water is free). soon you will have 150 Dollars, so buy a Flour Dispencer (The button is right behind the “Buy Flour” button) Once that starts, flour will go on its own, and you dont have to worry. Once you acheve 500 dollars, buy an oven. This makes the bread worth more (I dont know by how much more). So your income will soon increase. The next thing you should buy, is the “Speed up” Button by the flour dispencer button. This speeds up your dispencers, making you more money faster.

This is the bulk of the factory. Congrats, you have a functional factory now thats pumping bread and making money. but wait, there are so many buttons that can be bought. Heres whatto do now.

Once you get $3000 , you can buy the “Chocolate” Machine. This brings up the value of your bread, and making you even more money. Then you can up your chocolate value for 3000, then you can buy a Nut machine for 3000. Both help your bread worth. Then, once you acheve 7500, buy “Sugarwater”, and your bread value will DOUBLE! Your making money now!

There are 3 buttons left in the factory “Reinforce Oven”, “Buy Oven Shaft” and “Buy Superflour dispencer”. You should buy in that order. Overall it costs about..$8500. Once you buy a SuperFlour Dispencer, you can make super bread You can buy a Sbread for 5000. I suggest you stop regular flour from coming while SB is in the blender. Why? SB needs a lot of water, and regular flour will just take away the needed flour. once the SB is out of the blander, you can turn back on regular flour. Once the SB makes it through the factory (And considering you have all upgrades) You get 15000 dollars! a10k profit, not bad!


New: Button descriptions

  • Blue: Luxury items; Not really needed
  • Red: Help you make cash in some form
  • Orange: Sabatoge
  • Purple: Repairable items (Note: If you see a purple button, then something already broke. Call a repairman)

There are 4 buttons in a little room in your factory: Roof Access, Fancy Office, Fountian and Superbread statue. Roof access gives you access to the roof, and an extra button for a bread shaft. Both buttons cost 1000 together. The other 3 items are just for looks, so buy if you really feel like it (Beware the Superbread one, its just a regular SB on a stand. Its just a trophy of richness). Once you got all of those..Wait..YOUR DONE?!?! Well, You just have to waint and see when those “Sabatoge” Buttons start to work!

Costs (New!)

UberUbert was nice enough to supply me with the exact income/outcome of the factorys. Heres what it costs to make:

  • Bread-5 when automaker is on
  • Superbread-5000

I bet you knew that already. But heres what you get from each:

  • What you make (With chocolate)
  • Dough : 25 (65)[ Non-cooked bread]
  • Bread : 55 (95)
  • Superdough : 5500 (5900) [ Not cooked]
  • Superbread : 7000 (7400)
  • (Note: All incomes are doubled with Sugar Water)

And theres also other missilanious costs too

  • The oven costs 5 cash per 15 seconds to run untill you buy the chimney
  • IT costs 10 per bread to put chocolate on and
  • 100 per Super Bread to put chocolate on



New to the place are Repairman. They simply go around, and fix things. Every time a Repairman fixes something, his skill level goes up. The higher your skill level, the more money you make per fix(starting at $100) The reapirman have upgrades, one including a teleport to the center of the map. The other are just house upgrades

New: Repairman furni!

  • Office
  • BBQ corner
  • Big TV
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room

I hope to get the costs soon.

Well? What do you think?


7 Responses

  1. This guide is very accurate! I should know, I made the bread factory tycoon afterall ;D I’ll pm you some more info on the breadfactory once the new version is up and running. You’ll need info on the new job as well.

    In case people still don’t know: Setting max players to 4 seems impossible. So I had to add in a new job for the two extra people. 2 extra factories just made it lag horribly.

  2. Pretty good guide

  3. S’okay I guess…

  4. I Visited This place. It is… SO LIKE COOL DUDE!!!

  5. i gave uberubert the idea for 6 factories

  6. this guide is good!

  7. I just LOVE this game and the guide. Almost every day i just HAVE to play this game!

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