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Point-And-Click Adventure

Todays topic:

Point-And-Click Adventure by Green Machine


This is a Walkthrough. Be careful not to read ahead of what your stuck on, or else the whole game is ruined.

Anyways,back to the game:

You spawn in the middle of the forest. your mission: Find and take down the General. your just outside of a factory, and you cant seem to find anyway in. Stuck already? Thats ok, this is why im here

Start by clicking on the Giant Tree (By clicking, I mean use the Use/Look tool. I dont want to specify which) You get a Grapple Watch!. Go over to the vent on the side of the building, and use the Watch on the purple org, and you teleport up! Go into thevemt, and fall into the freezer. At the other end, you find a crowbar! Once you get it, use the Watch to climb out, and walk around front. Use the Crowbar to gain access. Volia, Your in!

Now you have to gain access to the rest of the building. If you walk around, you notice that theres a guard blocking the door. Hey, and he wants cookies! go into the kitchen, and find the mitten in the closet to the left. Then get the cookies out of the oven. BUT WAIT! If you give these cookies to the guard, he wont open! So lets coax him with some mold! Get some moldy food out of the fridge and go over to the guard. give the “Cookies” To the guard, and youll gain access to the next part!

I suggest you click on the “Clear tools” button behind the spawn. goign inside, you find yourself in a maze of rooms. One has a bunch of clones, the others cotain a Void Star producer, one has paint, and one has some blocks in it. Start by grabbing the paint, and going into the room with the blocks in it. If you hit the hint button, I think it says “Rainbow” What are the colors of the rainbow? ROY G BIV! So paint, from left to right: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Click on the “Solve” Button, and you get a keycard! Go to the voidstar room, and use the Card on the wall mounted scanner. Then “Use” on a voidstar, and you get one! Now, before you leave, grab the LEad Pipe of the wall (If you cant see it, clear your tools and get the Voidstar and Pipe again.) You need this pipe very soon. Walk into the clones room, and stand on the empty space. Soon professor boddy will invite you into his lab TO KILL YOU!?!?! QUICK!!! USE THE LEAD PIPE!!! KILL HIM!!!

Once you whack boddy, you gain access to part 3. The General is somewhere on this level. But you need 4 keys to get in: Triangle, Square, Circle, and Cylinder. The circle is easy: Click the orb thats on top of the tower that is on top of the building you just exited. You get the sphere tool! The sqare isnt so easy, you have to scour through all the fake keys before you find it (PLace owner is constantly moving the real key, so I cant help you here) once you get the Square key, click the purple awning over the next building. You get the triangle key! Now, head over to the jail, and find the Jail Key. Open the door, and grab the “Head” (AKA cylinder key) and leave. Head over to the yellow building at the back, and use the 4 keys, then “Use” the door. Get inside quickly and DONT STAND FRONT OF THE CANNON! STAND NEAR THE WALL!!! Climb up into his tank, listen to him rant, and then…


Congrats! Your done! have fun with the winner commands! And watch what unfolds on TV!


Well? Good?


2 Responses

  1. Winner commands?

  2. Oh………… HOW DO YOU USE THE ghost [Playername] ones?

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