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Farm Tycoon

Diin has created his first guide. SO, he did ti on

Farm Tycoon by Uberubert.

Farm Tycoon Guide

I must day, UberUbert has already gotten a good name for himself around ROBLOX. I’m beginning to think that either Uber is somone…else, or we have a new Telamon on our hands.


10 Responses

  1. You may wonder why uberubert has only 5 hats but his places are uber popular so he’s rich, well he’s told me in a PM that when he gets 1,000,000 (1 million) tix he’s going to un-copy lock all of his places. What I said when I heard this, “Good luck.”

  2. Unlock all his places? He must be going mad! We might as well all just copy it, and then we will be rich, and his hard work will go to waste. I also believe that he is somebody… else.

  3. wat he uncopy his places i will be rich yay (maybe)

  4. Guys…don’t copy his places for personal gain. I can’t stand people like that…

  5. ya Diin’s got a point

  6. Thats stupid. No1 should copy his places. Anyways, no1 would go there, because it shows who created it of course!

  7. Wellllllll….

    If he makes his place un-copylocked, it wouldn’t show his name. Still, only really new people don’t know that Ubert created that place.
    He probably won’t open anyway, he didn’t reach a million tix, and I heard that he quit about a month ago or so.

  8. well..diin..its an rumour…i think he just went playing an new game and forgot about roblox…

  9. Can someone show me how to make tycoon butttons?I was about to ask Uber but he left.

  10. I don’t see anyone getting rich of of Telamon’s places since he unlocked them… wait…

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