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Builderman’s King of the Hill

Hey everyone! Long time, no guides eh? Well, im back, and I am reporting one of Buildermans new places:

King of the Hill. Designed by Joshjosh117.

Ok, so the place objective is simple. Kill the king to be the king. Sounds simple, but it can be one of the most hardest things to do. Kings have access to a giant boulder, to which they can drop anywhere. If by chance, the king has a rocket launcher (Yes, theres a rocket launcher hidden in the map). If he has one, it makes it even harder to get the king. But dont worry, if you know where the rockets are, you can grab one for yourself.

Peasents Stratigies

When you are stuck as a peasent, it can be hard to get to the king and slice him. Most of the time, the king will run. Its as simple as that. Knowing how to cut him off or trick him is the key.

If the king runs atop of the walls, there are many things you can do. If you want to chase after him, stay close to the wall, and stop occasionally. The king my drop a boulder right in your path and cut you off/kill you. If you are close to the wall, the boulder may spawn over you, and you get away safely.

Now, if someone is already chasing the king, go around. The king will probably be so worried about the guy who is chasing him, that he might not see you coming. And if he does, He either can stay and fight, or jump off the wall to save himself. And when he jumps, he is exposing himself to everyone.

King Stratigies

Ah! you seem to have control of the throne! Yes, there is only one stratigy for the king: to run. If you try to fight, you will get killed pretty quickly. The peasents can afford to die, you cant.

The castle walls are the safest place to be. Its narrow passages and easily-escapble situations make it the best. You can go up, and start throwing boulders at chasers (And if you have a rocket, you can blow up anyone who tries to go up the ladder. Trust me, it works)

If by any chance you had to abandon the wall, try to get back up. If you are being chased, drop boulders in peoples paths, and try to take unexpected turns and even try going atop the mini-castle at the bottom of the hill.

Rember king: Your boulders have a certian range. You cant place them too close to yourself. So if you have someone right behind you, the only option is to fight them (Or if you have a rocket, shoot them. Thats why rockets and kings are a bad mix for peasents)


Ah yes, the map is not perfect. There are only 2 major glitches with this map. 1. When someone kills the king, the other person’s sword smacks the new king just in time to re-gain the throne. and 2. When you kill the king, he continues to hold the throne. When number 2 happens, its most likely a once in awhile thing. And for 1, there is no way around it except try to avoid the other persons sword. Ive been stuck in both glitches before


All secrets of the map, including the not-so-secret orbs, were kept secret in this whole guide. The locations of the rockets, as well as the orbs, have not been divulged, and I will not tell anyone. But I bet someone on the fourms might….


One Response

  1. Excellent guide. Zuka and I will be working on bugs, and we’ll release an update when things are fixed. You can expect:

    Day-night cycle
    More secrets
    Rocket becoming peasant only
    Possibly more battle area
    Possibly a pebble tool for peasants

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