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Ranting #2

Ah yes, another rant. This time, I have no idea what I am going to talk about. Im just going to think of something and keep on going.

As the amount of members goes over the 300,000 mark, I begin to wonder: Is it worth celebrating? Because with this new amount of members, I wonder if any of these people know who I am. Hardly anyone reads the news. I talk to my brother all the time, and when I mention a new contest, he says “Wait what? A new contest? I dont read the news Brian”

It makes me mad that my brother, whos richer than me by a long shot, doesnt even care about the news. I also go look at his places, and they are what you would call “Noob Places”. They’re really stupid. Over half of the places used to be mine, or were stolen from someone else! And when I go in to watch him build, I see him getting mad because he can’t find what he wants in the toolbox.

Yet he gets more place visits than I do. Why? Hes closer to Roblox’s general age group than me.  He has more to relate to than I do. Its gets me mad that I cant do my “job” (Using the term loosely) anymore  because places dont have the stratigy than they used to. And I am not the kind of guy that will stoop down to their level. I try to build my own places without much help from others. Some things, like StickMasterLuke’s Tanks, would really be a great thing if he can build a good place to put them in.

And then there are the rest of us. The people who are more mature, think more throughly, and try not to act like complete itiots online. Wether its building great models/scripts and happily helping others use them, to just helping the community and telling them what they need to know. These are the people that many will call “Famous”

I have yet to meet a “Famous” person that is a complete itiot.


Note: I am sorry if I offended you in this rant. I am just tired of searching the games list for something fun, yet nothing new comes up. Also, there is one last thing I would like to say

Roblox is made up of 5 groups of people: Newbs, Noobs, Helpful, Normal, or Famous.
Yet many only see it as 2 groups: Noobs and Famous.


7 Responses

  1. I’d rather not call this so-called group “Noobs”, but just the bottom of the bucket, complete idiotic fools.

    They’re not worthy of having an account on this game.
    They should just get lost and annoy some people in real life, instead of getting high on the flaming they get in the online world.

    The reason your brother gets more views, is rather simple.
    When I just started, I thought; “WOW, Those “BUILD YOUR LIFE AND A DOG, MARRY AND BUILD A SHOP WHILE KICKING NOOBS” places really get lots of visits! I will make my own place like that”.
    But I soon noticed, when I entered the forum, that people HATE these places.
    But because newer people think that these places are succesful and loved by all, they will make them theirself aswell.

    Thanks for posting this!


  2. As i said from your last rant, i completaly agree, I think the main reason stupid places get famous is because noobs get addicted to the most boring games ever and noone ever tries to find a new, fun game to play that acctually has a point. If places like that ever get famous, they stay famous, while boring places eventually, finally, die down. My favorite example to use is that game called “builderman wants you to fall down the 99999999999bil ft hole” It was the most pointless game ever, but somehow people got amused by it. Roblox would be a lot more fun in many ways without noobs.
    By the way i read the news every day you are one of my 2 favorite news blogs ;).


    My thoughts on newbs: Like Wirodeu said, they figure that they can get Tix easy if they make the so-called ‘successful’ places.

    The noobs, however, laugh when they’re making life terrible for others. How they find it funny when they delete the project I’ve worked on for 2 hours in a building place, I don’t know. And the sad thing is, how MANY noobs there are on Roblox. This is half the reason I haven’t been on too often.

    And as for famous people: They’re famous because they can either build or script, or at least most of them do. The reason none of them are complete idiots is because you have to have maturity to learn how to do these things very well, especially for scripting.

  4. by the way i don’t know if your counting it or not but theirs a handfull of people who removed builderman from their freinds list, so buildermans total freinds is not the total amount of robloxians.

  5. I just can’t accept the fact places like “Build a shop and live in it” (which get renamed daily, to fool people into thinking it’s something new) are totally completely stolen models.
    And even worse, those “BREAD FACTORY TYCOON NOW 100 MONEY!” places get TONS of visits! But they just stole it from uberubert!

    And then there’s the “Climb down a hole” or “Escape the jail V52462464 NO LAG!”.

    The most horrible trick being used is changing the name every day to fool people.
    This way they think “WOW ANOTHER ONE OF MAH FAVURIT GAMZ!” but end up playing the same game.

    I’m also VERY annoyed by those complete idiots saying they “can script”.
    But just stole some scripts, removed the –Made by someone and claim it as their own!

    Can’t wait to hear more opinions about it 😛

  6. I don’t really see people changing the names that often, maybe if they change the name they were going to change it but havn’t yet, I also don’t see people saying v547343857623 ever either. I also never see people saying they can script if they can’t but thats the only thing i would think could be happening, I have a great freind who can script better than agentbloxer (or at least just as good) because on agentbloxers thread somewhere he said he was still learning to make sliding doors and my freind has made one. I don’t want him getting random messages if he dosn’t want them so im not going to say his name.

  7. I agree 100%.
    I just hope they get their new system out. I think it’s a new way to find games that aren’t dumb… it would certainly save Roblox from stupidity! I mean that in the lines of people with no brains (the Internet sucked them out, no joke) from going on Roblox and doing pointless things.

    Another ironic thing is that some places that take some time to make, or other places that have had a lot of work put into them, never make it for the popular places for very long. I find this interesting, but it’s true. Either that, or there aren’t any good places in existance… and I know that isn’t true…

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