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Spring Block Party: Bad Idea?

As I reminise back to Design Buildermans’ place Contest, I begin to wonder the controversy that began when the voting opened.

There where 2 things that the people didnt like. 1. People who had better pictures got better votes and 2. Some people were cheating.

I need to line break this one. You’ll need to open the rest of this post by clicking “More”

Lemme touch on 1. I used Google Sketchup when I made my picture. Mine seemed to have the most…controversy. Many people said I was going to lose since it looked like I took 5 minutes to make it. Truth be told, it did take 5 minutes to make it in Sketchup. Why? IT was a design contest, not a picture contest. There were many who thought my map was the worst. Did I prove them wrong? No, the people did.

But whats going to happen with this contest? Will the voters go for the best pictures? Well, Duh, its not a design contest this time. But the BETTER pictures will most likely win. Even the kid who had the greatest picture idea in the world, couldnt win depending on his drawing skills. Its all a matter of appearance.

But concept number 2: Did people cheat? When I saw that voting was open, I got about 3 friends to vote for me, and I even voted for myself at school. But others may have gone overboard. I had a list of entrys from the last contest I was keeping my eyes on. When I saw a 3.2 jump up to a 4.6. So did this person cheat? I wouldnt know. Even on the Roblog, I think they even admitted to some players cheating and(If I remember my quote correctly) they said “Some extra votes have been removed because of supicious votes”. They know that someone was cheating. Did someone win who shouldnt have? Who knows. Cant change that now.

So, Is the Block Party a bad idea? It seems I made some good points here. But the contest hasnt opened voting yet, so I will keep my eyes and ears open for anything supicios that may turn up.

Quick side notes: I know my activity on the site is odd since I admitted to not being on the blog for awhile. Yet I do get some free time. But guide writing has been passed to Diin for awhile.

I havent told Vader92195 this yet, but were going to move him over to writing news articles. IT seems Diin and I got a handle on things.

I have entered the Party. You can see my entry by clicking on the new “Videos” tab at the top of the page.

Thanks! Hope that this post gets somewhere!


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