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How Roblox Works

THe question: How does Roblox work.

THe Stupid Answer: With LUA.

The answer I want to give: Roblox is very hard to describe. The process of getting your places up on the top page of the Games list, and how roblox’s community works, is hard to describe how to work.

Lets start with something I was thinking about yesterday. Many people claim that Roblox has lost all of its good places. Well, In case you forget, good places do make it to the top. When they do, they usually stay there for a bit longer  than most places.

So, I think theres a cycle, which seems to look alot like the Econmic Cycle. When Roblox first started, the good places began rolling in, because there were hardly any places to begin with.

Then when good places finally hit their peak, there was nowhere to go from there except down. So, amny notice a very bad decrease in the places quality. Now, if you look, things seem to have leveled out. Theres a very good mix of good places and bad places. While the day to day stuff is diffrent, the general quality is the same.

So, where is there to go? 2 ways: Up or out. Up would mean places would get better, and we’ll get stuck in this cycle again.

But if we go out, things will stay the same with this bad/good mix. I’m fine with both.

Now, I think the reason why bad quality places make it up on the games list is due to the system of how they get on the list. I think making more Categoris would level things out. And I think a nice start-up window would be good too, but I think thats pushing it. Heres my idea: Users can select a place category for any of their places. FRom there, users can see the most popular places in that category. It will also help users find the places they like. I would also like a “Fav. Places” List, because when a place drops off the Most Popular list, people will forget where it is and when it was up there. Adding a “Fav. Places” list for each user to add on to will really help places stay up on the Most Popular list(s)


2 Responses

  1. Yay i can read the news again (before my computer was blocking it but i fixed it)
    anyway i agree with your idea for making that category thing and know that all of roblox isn’t made from just lua (although one time i was bored and found a huge script roblox uses for something somewere in my computer) although another thing i would like is to have either no popular lists and just have places get ratings somehow and use that then put them in categories or have most popular for each category and not for all the games cause i would rather have that cycle going so their is always a good game to play. You could also add categories inside categories like good scripted kinds of places but that would require the rating thing i said b4 which would require some type of roblox rating team or something which would be a lot of work.

  2. Ahem.

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