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Shirts, Pants and Favorites. Oh my!

Hey! The update was pushed out! Heres a list:

  • Pants and Shirts. All noraml shirts are now names T-Shirts
  • A new Favorites Function.
  • Place comments was intergrated into the games page
  • Top Favorites as a function
  • New “Change Character” Page (It looks awesome!)


It seems as if Roblox listens to the community! THey are doing pants!

But theres one more thing. If you pause right on the first picture, under the Shirt picture is a Favorites link.

OMG Favorites and Pants?!?!?!

Looking good!


6 Responses

  1. OH MY!
    Dawn of a new customization…

  2. Whoops.I meant to say pants instead of Buttons

  3. You forgot to add “The games’ server lists look horrible now” 😉

  4. Roblox is the only site besides Newgrounds that actually listens to the ‘lower-class users’. ^__^
    So yeah, considering Roblox is still in Beta, we can only imagine how awesome it’ll be once completed.

  5. Woah. Lol Diin. It will be awesome. I am a lower class user lol yay for Roblox!

  6. Lol, by that I meant non-administrators. 😉

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