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AWP_Map: Tips and Tricks

Clockwork’s new map, AWP_map has really peaked my and the communitys interest. Of course, the map is simply a sniper on Crossroads, but it is so much more. Because the place really doesnt need a “guide”, I’ll throw out some tips for you.

1. Tunnel under red’s side

Yep, theres a tunnel that goes from one corner of Red Team’s side to the other. You may notice that one entrance of the tunnel is covered by yellow grates. You can use your gun to blow them off and enter. Once inside, you can use your gun again to blow down the wall covering the tunnel. Soon you will end up on the other side of the map.

2. The castle is hollow.

Yep, theres a way to get into the walls of the castle. You can just start blowing away at the side of the castle, but an easier and less obivios way is to blow off the top of the walls. Then you can go to the corner of the castle, blow open more holes. (Remember your gun can shoot through the walls, so you need holes to see the enemy outside.) But remember, your gun can give you away.

3. Stick to more cover, high ground has 2 problems

THe more cover you have, the better. But since this is common sence, I just want to make a good point. All of the high points are the the 2 opposite corners of the map. Because they are so far from the center of the map, the game will remove some bricks that are far away, and making hitting your enemy near impossible.

4. Use zoom sparingly

Why would I say this? When your zooming, your left vulnerable to eeryone else who you arent aiming at. Use zoom only to hit that very far away target. All other times, just dont use the scope and put your paintballing skills to use.

5. Red side has more sniping points.

Sorry, I had to say it. Blue side has the wide-open tower, that big green den, and a house. Red side has a castle, multiple billboards, closer high points, 3mini towers and more rough terrain.


17 Responses

  1. I have to say that I think they’re about even.

    Castle – decent
    Billboards – these aren’t that good because unless the legs of them are shot out, you can easily shoot people’s legs
    Mini Towers – the guardrails can be shot off
    Terrain – doesn’t make that much a difference

    Tower – useless, I know
    House – probably the best cover on the map, multiple shooting locations, thin walls, and choke-point to ambush with sword
    Thieves Den – kinda useless
    Top of Thieves Den – good shooting at people at other high spots
    Trees – trees are really good cover. Just shoot the trunk off and roll the tree around for movable cover. Blue has most of the trees.

  2. Blue may have the trees, but the House is diffrent to me. I find that moving from window to window is really annoying, and the house is so low to the ground that its hard to hit anyone up high.

    And terrain makes a diffrence in close quarters. I find close-quater sniping battles a lot more diffrent on each side.

  3. well you forgot that ppl can use the scope to look behind walls. just zome in on a spot and move the camera whit right move button.

  4. I like it…

  5. (So we’re not shutting down?)
    Glad to see a guide again.

    About the scope: it’s not always useless. Let’s say there’s an enemy on a ledge above you, and you want to jump up and shoot him. Scope him, press space, and fire after a half-second to a second. Works EVERY time. Also, say you’re on the ledge thing on the side. You can zoom in on someone, and move around while zoomed in. I find it works best back and forth. If they’re standing still, they’re an EASY kill.
    You can also just use the scope as binoculars, like I do.

    Nice find on the hollow Castle.

  6. Why is there nothing about the wall-build tool there?

  7. 1. I forgot about the wall tool

    2.The wall tool may provide for a distraction, but if you just shoot the bottom bricks the wall wont hold for long.

  8. Distraction!? Lol!? You gotta be kidding me!

    There are TONS of uses for the wall tool.

    Once in a short range battle with sword use it to stop the enemy from running.

    You can use it as a wall to sit behind and shoot.

    You can use it to block the enemy’s sight by spawning bricks on his head.

    So many uses ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Battle with sword = wall is a distraction
    Sit behind = Last a few seconds before its destroyed
    Spawning bricks on head = Distraction.

  10. Battle with sword = wall is an obstruction.
    And the sit behind thing is quite useful, just shoot them BEFORE they shoot the wall! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. If your running from someone, a well placed and timed wall can save a bullet from shooting you and stop them for a second.

  12. Briguy, you forgot to mention what to do if your gun is blown off and you can’t regen it. I’ll fill in here. You should quietly sneak around the place, in spots with lots of cover and hiding places. Then you should try to climb the red tower (if you are blue) or the Theives Den and secretly come and chop them into little bits with your sword. There is a good chance of death, but the sword is all you have to kill people with.

  13. If you lost your gun, theres very little you can do, so I would suggest to suck it up and just die.

  14. Don’t be like that. I’d never get my 6:1 K/D ratios doing that. ๐Ÿ˜›
    The sword is better than you think.

  15. When you lose your gun unequip it FAST and RE-EQUIP FAST!

    That’s how you do it ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I’d just like to add something to the wall tool:

    When the ladder leading to the top of the Thieves’ Den is destroyed, you can use the Wall Tool to create a “step stool” to climb up the opposite side of the Den.

    (I love doing that at my NinjaTech place.)

  17. im usless with swords… you should see me flailing about on Sword Fight on the Heights… That and obbies and other non combat games make up about 90% of my deaths. Give me a paintball gun, however… But you can’t deny the usefullness of the trowel, especially with explosives.

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