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War has come to Robloxia

As some of you may know, clan wars have started up.  The main three clans fighting between each other are the Pheonix Fire, the Deathsnakes, and the Arctic Frost.  Check the forums out for more info on battles between clans.


12 Responses

  1. Vader, we arent a recruiting site. I dont mind this post, but please keep a neutral stand point on the posts.

  2. Got it. My bad.

  3. what clan am i on???

  4. >.>

  5. Hitboy, the clan wars are pretty much over. You’re a little late. Btw I lost T.T I got crushed…

  6. I’d like to know the strength of those clans. See if they’re strong enough to take out mine. My clan is very small, but has a lot of power and experience in it. Then again…my clan has high expectations… Oh well. Also, vader, what clan were you in?

  7. Clans,clans,clans! That is all about everything I hear on the forums!

  8. I’m really going to drop the idea about the Onmitsu Clan…because Clans seem to be becoming more and more of a waste of time.

  9. shadow clan will conquer robloxia!!

  10. No Way! The O Rly? Owl team will ravage all you dopes, and I mean RAVAGE!

  11. Stop commenting on this post plz. Btw most clans fail (no offense). I would know. Mine did.

  12. I dont get it war?-_-

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