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ROBLOX Update!

There’s just been an update, apparently regarding jumping, animation, and less lag!


–This is basically what the update is all about. There’s been some pretty cool modifications to the jump; one of which being able to control your character mid-air! This vital update allows you to get over 3-stud-high ledges on a narrow path without using the ‘bounce jump’. A downfall to it is that if you’re in an obstacle course and you accidentally let go over lava, then you may hit it. You may also accidentally keep walking after you touch the ground, making you hit lava in front of you. I have done some pretty sweet sword tricks with this, if I do say so myself… 😉
Another update to the jump is the sound. I think it’s way cooler than the previous one.

–Well, it’s not exactly a huge thing, but the climbing animation has been made more sensitive, so the animation doesn’t stop midway climbing a ladder.

–It may just be me, but it seems like there’s less lag. Go ROBLOX Team!

**This may not include all update info; we have to wait ’till they make a post in the Developer’s Blog to be sure.


4 Responses

  1. I havent gotten around to playing yet. I hope I have some fun

    Oh, and I hear there are alot of glitches to this update too.

  2. hooray a good lag update, When i have the time to load it I’m gonna see how good the less lag update is, If it’s good enough, I might go back to my original plans for my place XD. Also I’m gonna test out a good trick i know with decals where you can make a brick see-through on one side and not on the other.

  3. Yeah I like the new jump sound but I dont play roblox a lot.

  4. i hate how roblox took out the upload part of music. for some reason i cant put in any music into a brick now. somebody please help me out

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