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2 Part Rant

Sorry for the extreme number of posts lately. I’m going to cool down after this rant.

Too Smart For Fame?

Thats what I have been wondering the last couple of days. I’m famous, there no doubt about that. What is curious is why I hardly see the effects of fame like other people do. People who dont even have that much fame, claim they get more stalkers and fan mail than I do. Now, I get about 2-3 requests for visits a week, and I get no fan mail and stalkers. While I am playing, I find a few people who know me,  but no full-fledged fans.

Now, the question is, what have I done to avoid the affects of fame. Then an idea popped into my head. Is the fact that I push so much thought into what I do, that people dont even try to bother with a smart guy? Now, when I first thought of this, I was in denial. But then, I remembered one major piece of evidence. Roblox Direct. They got about 10,000 views in a month, even before our blog got 10,000 over 3. Why? Well, todat I checked out the blog, and the quality of their posts is below mine (Sorry, but no offence) Am I just too smart for fame? Whats up? (Note: ITs not that I want fan mail/stalkers, I’m just curious)

2 kinds of Scripters

Yes, so, this came up when I was browsing the fourms, and someone wanted a scripter to help them. When people asked how much experiance, the person said you have to be able to make a leaderboard.

Now, my question is: Why? Theres a perfect leaderboard available right through the toolbar, and its linked too. Now, this person must of meant that if you cant make a leaderboard, you cant make what I need. but scripting has definately changed from what is was. Before, everything had to be made from scratch. Now, even the least-intelligent can get and edit a script. But thats not the 2nd kind of scripter. THe first kind are the people who know LUa hands down, and can make anything from scratch. The 2nd kind, are the people who know LUA, and can create slices of code, and take codes from other things, change those to their neeeds, and voila, they have their own script. Now, some may say that even that is not scripting. I say, its halfway, more of a collage of what you made and what others made availible. Now, after so much of getting familar with even more code, the scripter can finally make their own codes from scratch.

But why, when theres almost everything you need direct from other players. You need some LUA experiance to create those great scripts, and alot to create great scripts like the ones used in bloxopoly.


4 Responses

  1. You can’t compare ROBLOX Direct with Briguy’s ROBLOX.
    You can’t compare ROBLOX Juice with ROBLOX Direct.
    You cant compare Briguy’s ROBLOX with ROBLOX Juice.

    Just these three as example, they’re all different and post different kinds of news. You cant compare them!

    About the fame-thing.
    Somehow I got way too “famous” for the short time I’ve been in ROBLOX. I got a few stalkers, and the annoying impersonating (Clockwork’s tradepost =/). It rarely happens that someone goes “OMG, IT’S WIRO! IM A BIG FAN OF YOU!”, but it DOES happen now and then.
    My guess is because I am usually involved with most things that go on around the community.

    About the scripting.
    I don’t call the “A bit of this, a bit of that” method of “scripting” actual scripting.

    Scripting is making everything from scratch in my opinion.
    I learnt a lot about LUA in a short time, and learn more everyday. And lately I’ve been even helping a lot of people with their scripts.

    It’s nice how you can grab a zombie from the toolbox and add a zombies killed leaderboard, too.
    A shotgun, a pistol.
    Lets look for a mountain and voila! Our very own zombie map! Let those visits come.

    *Chirp Chirp Chirp*

    Exactly, it doesn’t work like that!
    People want something that you made YOURSELF!
    That’s why you should make things from scratch and make complete new things, instead of re-using old things.

    Hope someone can learn of this, some-how 😉

  2. Some scripts need to be custom, just to fit a person’s need. btw, I write lots of scripts from scratch that hardly anyone requests.

  3. If I saw this post earlier I would have said the same thing Wirodeu said, he basically covered everything I have to say about this post, although I’m a 2nd kind of scripter, and I have to say it would take a lot of effort to become a first kind of scripter.

  4. I don’t know why, but I almost always create things from scratch. Even though I can just go get them. O.o;

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