Roblox Awards Final Update

Now that we have hit over 75 votes, I think we can give you guys the lowdown on whos in first in each category. Once we hit our 100 quota (And our 100 limit XD) we will give full details

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  • Best Place: Ultimate Paintball CTF
  • Best Admin: Telamon (Whats odd about this one is that in the “Other” category Clockwork got 5 votes, more than Noob007)
  • Best fourm Mod: Anaminus
  • Most Famous (Non-Admin): Are92
  • Fav. Weapon: Sword (Balefire is 1 vote behind)
  • Fav. Hat: Teapot(s) (White Top hat is 2 behind)
  • Fav. Blog: Roblox News (UGH! Mine is 2 behind!!)

Forum Trouble?

Lately on the forum, many wierd things have been happening…  Friendking lost his top 25 poster badge!  Is this a glitch, or are they just giving him a Top Poster badge?  Also, bowser8mario’s badge recently became a top 100 badge, while other users who have less posts than him have a top 25 badge!  This post will be updated as news flows in.

*FriendKing seems to have his top 25 poster badge back…  I guess it’s all over…

The Summer Ahead

As the days of school begin to wind down, and the activity on roblox winds up, I began to wonder what this summer ahead will hold for the blog and Roblox. Click “More” nao!

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