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The Summer Ahead

As the days of school begin to wind down, and the activity on roblox winds up, I began to wonder what this summer ahead will hold for the blog and Roblox. Click “More” nao!

First off, lets see whats planned for my summer. Erm…Wow….Nothing…I have camp for 3 hours M-Th, but nothing important. Gee, I guess that means alot more time for fun!

Ok, so, I would like to get more guides done this summer. Im hoping that all of those good places  will pop up over the summer. I really do hope. I also hope to get my hands on some money so I can buy a domain for the site, and a new site layout. I also hope that I enjoy the summer too.

While I was thinking of this, I also thought of the occasional rant I do so often. While most are half news, a lot, if not all of it, is my opinion. Because I know how fragile the minds of kids are, and how those posts do get boring, No more rants. Sorry to those who like them.

Now, whats in store for Roblox this summer? Thay are getting a few interns, so that means they will have more people doing what the users want. So this summer is going to be updates GALORE! Lucky me I have a Toughbook at my disposal.

Also, we all know the amount of users that are going\ to FLOOD into the site. I may be going off on a limb here, but I predict that we will hit 1,000,00 users this summer. No lie. Thats my thought. If we can get 100,000 users in 2 months, I dont see why not.

Oh, and with this flood of new people will mean two things. 1: More users will be creating awesome levels and 2: more people buying BC! Now, this may also mean that many…unfriendly users will drop on by too. Maybie they will hire more mods. Or maybie they have enough secretly modding the site 0.o

OH, and this summer (I think about 1 month from today) I will gain my veterans badge. I will celebrate by telling you my story on how I became one of Roblox’s famous bloggers. Anyays, Im out of stuff to write. Be sure to send in those guide requests! We have found some great places that way!


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  1. Wow if we get 1 mil people on Roblox it may begin to become a houshold word for kids across the usa!! 🙂

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