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The ROBLOX Awards are in!

Our Survey is in! 100 users voted in the the first Roblox AWards! THanks to all who voted. Next time I am going to try something else that doesnt have a 100 vote limit.

All Winners are in Bold. So Hit “Read More” Now!

Best Places:

  • Ultimate Paintball CTF (By Miked) [53 votes]
  • Bread Factory Tycoon (By UberUbert) [15 Votes]
  • Resident Evil: Build to Survive (By Servano) [11 Votes]
  • ROBLOX HQ (By Builderman) [6 Votes]
  • Noobs who voted for themselfs in the “Other:” Category [16 Votes]

Best Admin:

  • Telamon [64 Votes]
  • ReeseMcBlox [23 Votes]
  • Clockwork [7 Votes]
  • Noob007 [3 Votes]
  • Other admins [3 Votes]

Best Moderator (Fourm)

  • Anaminus [40 Votes]
  • JacobxxDuel [22 Votes]
  • Gamer3D [20 Votes]
  • Sirloin [10 Votes]
  • Rombom [4 Votes]
  • Koopa and HolyMac [1 Vote Each]

Most Famous

  • Are92 [37 Votes]
  • Miked [22 Votes]
  • StealthPilot (Isnt he a Mod?) [20 Votes]
  • WonkaKid [9 Votes]
  • Other Votes for 1 person [10 Votes]

Favorite Weapon

  • Balefire [33 Votes]
  • Sword [28 Votes]
  • Paintball Gun [24 Votes]
  • Shotgun [5 Votes]
  • Other [11 Votes]

Favorite Hat

  • Teapot (Any) [30 Votes]
  • Top Hat(s) [28 Votes]
  • Visor [9 Votes]
  • Astronaut Helmet [9 Votes]
  • Ninja Mask [9 Votes]
  • Others [18 Votes]

Favorite Blog ( Im sorry WonkaKid but…)

  • Briguy’s Roblox [34 Votes]
  • ROBLOX News [33 Votes]
  • ROBLOX Direct [18 Votes]
  • ROBLOX Times [9 Votes]
  • ROBLOX Juice [3 Votes]

All Votes may not add up to 100 due to people skipping questions.

Thank you all for voting!


14 Responses

  1. Lolz, ROBLOX News got pwned by 1 point. O_O
    Anyway, WHY?!? WHY DID YOU GUYS VOTE FOR BALEFIRE?!? D= Sword is teh pwnzor.

  2. At least 3 people voted for our site ๐Ÿ˜› We need to be added to the roblog!

  3. Actually, Roblox Direct is better than Briguy’s Roblox. You have to admit that ๐Ÿ˜

    I demand Roblox Juice be added to the Roblog >:O ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. People like balefire because it’s instant blox. Sword is losing popularity because of descreasing usefulness due to the new update. Oh yeah. I can use big words.

  5. yay congratz BriguyXD what a last minute win, anyway Diin I forget who said this but you can’t really say which blog is better cause they all have different style, but you can say who likes which blog better, and according to that, Briguy won XD
    The real reason why people like balefire better is close to what vader said, all the young kids like to have tons of power and easilly kill tons of people, just like they like easy oby courses, they just want to beat everything and the only way they can do that is if it’s easy.
    Uh-Oh I’m getting back to my long posts again O.O

  6. Oh and freefurbie, for some reason I’m having trouble getting to your blog, but just reading it’s name makes it sound great!

  7. Nice results.

    I really like this idea. Would you be alright if I had a survey similar to this with my site (www.robloxnews.com)?

    – WK

  8. Sure, go right ahead. I already finsihed mine, so you can go do yours.

    Heres a tip: dont offer “Other” boxes like I did.

  9. Okay, thanks a million!

  10. SWORD= total PwNaGe! =D WHY U PICK BALEFIRE??!?!??!?!??!??! well…
    u better not pick ice dagger xD

  11. Umm Briguy? Are u famous or somthin?

  12. I hate Balefire -_- espetially Hellfire x-x CURSE U NOOBS!!!! T-T

  13. ooh… wrong place too put these comments X-X

  14. I think that news would’ve gotten more votes if they UPDATED AT LEAST EVERY 5 DAYS INSTEAD OF ONCE A MONTH.

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