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GreenMachine’s Juice Factory Tycoon Guide

Yay! Fianlly a guide after such a long drought!

Anyways, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

When you first join, your going to need a Factory. There are only 4 factorys, so if the place is full, either wait or go to another server.

When you finally get into a factory, your going to need a tree. Now, I suggest you buy 2 apple trees. Once you buy them, go up to the orchard in the corner of your factory. Click once on 2 separate buttons to assign them to a spot. Dont click in the same spot twice or you can erase one tree! (Note: Some factorys may not show which spots are occupied. Just try not to forget)

Now, lets head down to the mixer and make some juice! You will notice the 9 buttons on the left starting to turn red. That means that there are Apples in that spot. When you buy more trees, these are what the colors mean

  • Apples = Red
  • Oranges = Orange
  • Bananas = Yellow
  • Peach = Pink
  • Pears = Green

Now, if you click on any fruit, it will be moved to a slot on the right. We will cover slots later, but for now, just click the green button underneath the slot to make the juice! The juice will continue down the belt, and you will cash in! Isnt that great!

Now, you may have noticed an invisible machine on the right. Thats the Quality Control Machine. The higher the level, the more your juice is worth. But since you just started, your machine isnt working at all. LEts go fix that.

Once you reach 150 in cash, go to the StuffMArt. You can reach StuffMart by using your StuffMArt tool and clicking on the Grey brick on the wall. Once inside, keep your tool out. You can tell what each item is when your mouse is over the button. Isnt that cool? Well, look through the items to see what is there.

Now, go buy level 1 Quality Control and head back to your machine. Now, start making more juice!

Heres the hard part: From here, you can go whatever way you want. You can upgrade anything, but lets talk about Slots

When bought, the mixer can have 2 or 3 slots. You start with 1. When you get 2, you can “Mix” juices and create whatever you want. However, the more expensive the fruits used in the mixture, the more expensive the juice will be. But that is just common sence!

If you buy the Auto-Button, and get the “You cant have it” message, dont fret! You got something! If you look at your mixer, the big long grey button has now turned green! When this is on, the machine auto-loads the fruit into the Slots. When off, you have to manually load. Manual is good if your trying to make specific mixes, and Auto is good when you reach Production Level 9 and you get fruit like crazy. Unfortunately, you still have to hit the Green button to make the juice appear. But its better than loading each fruit manually!

Once you buy everything, AND if your the first to do it, you get free access to the Lighting tools in the Mart. If not, you can still buy it. Also, buy the Plane access too, because once your done, theres not much else to do!


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