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Veteran Party

Yay! Today marks my 1 year anneversary of playing roblox! Man, this last year has been great. Its only been 1 year, and I have left my marks all over roblox. (Particually over by Builderman and the News)

But why should I be the only one who tells you about my story? I got a few veterans to write their own stories about what their years were like.

My time at ROBLOX has been more than enjoyable, it changed my life. I found ROBLOX through my friend’s youtube account and an old video on his profile. I checked it out thinking I wouldn’t stay long. How untrue that was…
I was an average joe, and I liked it that way. but my first mistake was participating in the Halloween event. I managed to get the Crimson Catseye, and I was very happy.
From that point on I began looking on the fourms more and more. It took some time but I soon settled in and got used to things. I began becoming more well known, but the true “fame” came when I was lucky enough to be in the home page video.
From then on, my place on ROBLOX has pretty much carved itself out, and I’d like to thank all my friends and fellow fourm junkies, because without you, ROBLOX would be another online game. –EVILdemon1123

Hello I am going to be a Roblox Veteran in August. Ifound out about roblox from a website called TV.com. One of my friends were going to leave the site and I asked him why. He told me that he was going to play a game called Roblox. So I decided to check it out.Well as you know the game was very fun so thats why i am still playing today. I met many friends but one of my first friends was skinandbones. He was a good friend and he helped me earn my badges. We also made a group but there was another group with the same name. Then my group and the other group had a battle at my place and then the groups joined lol. He kept making new accounts because he cursed alot. All of his accounts kept getting permanantly banned. Then his last account zetsu15 got deleted and he decided to quit roblox. Then i decide to leave roblox for about a month. When i came back to play i made another good friend, Pheedy. Pheedy is a really cool guy to hangout with. Some more of my good friends that i made along my journey of roblox are Stickmasterluke, Deidara181, and Itachi096. That is my journey on roblox.I hope that my journey can continue for much longer.  –Deidara

I was bored so i went to Megaman765’s Youtube Page and found this video called Adventures in robloxia or something.Can’t remember =/ Anyway, When i joined roblox,i thought it was another dumb old boring lego game and another copy of BL which i used to play.When i came to this map called “Doom spire”,i had fun blowing up the huge tower.After a while,i figured out how to build a place.I invited some people to my place when it was finished and i gained a few robux from it.That’s when i bought my first hat,the red baseball cap.There were’nt any tix back then.After a month,i got my Homestead and Boxxer badge.More people joined roblox and they made fun places.When Builder’s club came out,i had a hard time making money.But update after update,Roblox became more exciting and fun. I never played BL from now on because it was boring.And now i thought roblox is the funnest game ever.Thanks to the administrators for making this fun game. –mige313 (One extreme fan of the blog, I might add)

I have almost been here for 1 year, and I thought I might want to tell you my experiece. I found ROBLOX… well, long story. A user on Youtube, named Megaman765, a popular user at the time, uploaded a video known as “World of Roblox Part 1.” I watched it because I knew it would be funny. It was. I told my friend about it. He joined, and told me how great it was. I joined thereafter. I loved it! I have made a few acomplishments, notably taking part in the record of 64 players in one server. Another accomplishment is that ROBLOX would not run on my computer…TWICE! Even for that, I still stayed active by posting on the forums. ROBLOX has been a great experience. It was fun dodging clockwork’s teapots of doom, iceberg stomping in miked’s minigame world, and battling in Crossroads. The first time I joined, I remember how much different the system was. The explosions were red dots, we couldn’t wear sleeve shirts or pants, and lag was 10x worse. It has been fun for being active for almost a year! I look forward to the exciting new updates in the future! –legoking831

As for me, I found Roblox through one of Fleskjherta’s videos. Ironically, I was looking for some Mario music, stumbled apon his Stupid Mario Deaths videos, then looked at his Roblox videos. I decided to try out the game. Between then and now, a lot changed. Back then, I had a really bad computer. But Roblox ran so perfectly on it untill the Graphics update. After that, I tried to play, but it got too hard. Then I got my hands on a newer computer, which runs Roblox like it does Windows.

One day, After I had finished playing a game of Paintball CTF, I realized some players needed help in a lot of maps. so, I decided to start up the blog. But, soon after, UberUbert came to town, and thats when this whole thing took off. I made a very good guide of the Factory. I gave it to Ubert, who filled the gaps left in the guide, and he tried to put in on the Wiki. But, MrDoom took it down, but somehow, the link to Briguys Roblox got in the hands of the Admins.(Did MrDoom give it to them? I dont know)

Soon after my blog got on the Blogroll, my luck continued to go up. I managed to get my place idea to win the “Design Buildermans Place” Contest. Did my blog help? I dont know. But I did win, so I dont really care. So, I watched as my idea sprung to life, and I played it again and again. And the same goes for Roblox: Again, and Again, and Again.


4 Responses

  1. That took a while to read. Congratulations, Briguy!

  2. congrats! I wish I knew what it was like back then for real, I still have 7 months to go to be a veteran, will roblox still change as much as it did from then to now in those 7 months? I couldn’t imagine what that would look like.

  3. I remember those days when I was a newbie…on June 22 2007.

  4. =D I’m in it.
    Grats on Veteran ^-^

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