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The Search For Truth: Chapter 1


Welcome to the Roblox story: The Search For Truth. You will follow Acoreus as he, well, searches for the truth. This story will have a chapter that comes out every week or two. Hey, I got more stories to write on a secret site.

Anyways, heres the story. Also, if you want your own character, just ask, and be sure to describe him/her/it well!

Chapter 1: The Truth Is Hiding

The wind was blowing. I was in a clearing of trees. I was floating just off the ground. To my left, Warriors donned in red clothing. To my right, they donned white clothing. Right when I turned away from the warriors, they charged right at me. When they got too close….


MY alarm clock awoke me from the dream. The same, and only dream I have had my whole life. It’s always the same, and it has stopped suprising me after awhile. But I always awake with a panting breath, like I was really about to be killed.

I got out of my bed. I headed over to my bathroom and cleaned myself up for another boring day of just walking around. Everyone I have ever met never stays in my town. I dont know why. Right now, I am the only one in town. The power and water still runs, and I even get bills at the end of the month. From who, I would never know. I dont even know how my mail gets to my door. I tried staying awake one night and when I was about to give up, I looked in my mailbox and I got my mail

I walked over to my desk, full of items which really didnt have much value anymore. But one thing was on its own, what I simply called: The List.

The List had every house in the town written on it. Every so often I go into the houses looking for stuff. But, I am looking for more than just stuff. I am looking for the reason why I am so isolated. So alone. So confused.

I glanced at the list real quick. I was out at one of the houses last night, so I knew what was next on the list. But I didnt, because I had to look again at my List. I must have been so tired last night, that I didnt notice there was one house left.

I was happy to see that there was one house left, that I left instantly for that house. 835 Conty Road.

But when I reached the house, I remembered why I never looked inside. It wasnt a house, it was Town Hall. The one place I thought that would never have anything of value to me. But since it was the only one left, I had to finish the List.

I walked up to the door and tried to open it. Locked. I took a step back and gave it a nice kick. The door still didnt open, but I knew I has weakened the wood. I ran back, and got a running start at the door. It opened, but I was thrown straigt into the lobby. I fell into a fountian that was in front of the door. Typical fountian placement.

I went straight for the Mayors office in the back. I wanted to see what records there were of me. This door was unlocked, so I went inside and straight for the File Cabnets. I looked in all of them for my name, but my name was missing from the list. I decided to look for the file in the desk, when I noticed one on the desk. I looked at the name


Why was my file at the top? I would never know. I quickly opened it, and a bunch of letters came out. On closer look, I found some of the Bills I had sent out ages ago, while the town was in full swing. I threw the letters aside to find a picture of me, and records of where I lived. Everything seemed to be in order, but when I threw down the file, a slice of paper  floated down onto my lap. When I looked at it, it said

“Acoreus  needs to …”

The rest was unreadable. What is this note? Where was the rest of the note? Does it mean something? I looked for more slices of paper throught the room. I found a couple, and I had collected half of the note.

“Acoreus needs to….. get out som…….and find……Truth and….Get this letter to…..before the…come. The Mayor”

The biggest gap was between Find Truth. I knew something has happened. But what could happen to the town without my knoledge. I went searchin for answers in the Archives down the hall. But before I could reach the Archives, I heard something outside that I hadn’t heard in months. A voice.



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  1. Wow! This is a great story man! Make another chapter! Could you add me to the story? XD But really..I would want to get into this story. If you do, i want my name to be Brare Jacobs! (Not my real name) That would be awesome! Thanks! Nice story! Hope it gets interesting!

  2. Wicked website Briguy I love it

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