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Yuntah-Instant Success!

Yuntah is an extremely new user who joined yesterday.  I met him at his place because he invited lots of people on the forums…  He told us that he knew about Lua, and I thought that meant a little scripting.  Boy, was I wrong!  That guy has more than 6,000 visits already!!!  (That’s more than 20 times what I got in 11 months…)  He is on his way to fame.  With more than 6,000 tickets in two days, he is living a fine Roblox life.  I expect great things from Yuntah.  But I can still blox him 😉


*Update*  He now has more than 13,000 visits in three days*

*Bigger Update*  Yuntah has admitted to being an alt.


5 Responses

  1. first person ever to become famous in 1 day, slightly lucky, but mostly cause he could script, and had a good idea.

  2. 24 000 visits.
    I did a great job.

    Yes, it was me. 🙂

  3. New it :3

  4. I just KNEW he was an alt.
    Oh, wait, I was about the first person to welcome him to ROBLOX >_>


  5. I was suspicious, but I still wasn’t sure. nice job wirodeu.

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