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Roblox in 08: What should happen (Updated)

Hi guys. I have been keeping up with E3 this year, and I have gotten in the mood to get thinking on what Roblox needs to see this year to become more appealing to the players. Just note, this is just general stuff. You may or may not agree with me. Its your opinion


I know it sounds like the exact thing that Roblox players would not want, but hear me out. Its more of a “groups” option than a clan option. Clans should be able to group together, and have a tag in front of their username in-game. However, I think that the clans should only be ranked by their popularity, instead of their Ko’s and Wo’s. Or just not rank them at all.

To keep the servers clean, I think either users who have played more than 2 weeks, or only BC can start a clan. Im more happy with the 2 week idea. The real question at hand: Should clans be allowed to duel?

I dont know. If they do, it can lead to some epic battles, but also to spam on the fourms saying “my clan is better thans yours!!!!” and stuff. If not, clans are still going to fight, but the site will not reflect that. But if they do support fighting, they should open servers that only clan members can join, and clans get messages when battles are on.

Clan Info

  • Only players 2 weeks old should start clans
  • Clans should only be ranked by popularity, if not at all.
  • Clans fighting could lead to epic battles, but bragging rights
  • Clans should be able to upload their own logo/ Edit their clan page
  • Clans should get their own private fourm, with mods the owner picks.

15+ Area

Yes, there should be an area for the older players. The older players act ALOT diffrent than Roblox’s target age group, so they should at least get 1 area to themselfs, even if its only a fourm. Or, if possible, some dedicated places to us. THis would mean that Roblox would have to enact a new thing that you would have to specify your age.

Customizable User Page

I am sure that this one wont be as sudden, but allowing players to customize their pages would rock. Simple as moving some things around, to changing colors, to even custon backgrounds.

A very nice touch would be adding a background to your character. So your Robloxian could be at Paintball CTF, or In space, floating in goo, or in a forest. The only problem is that Roblox would either have to allow Decals to be put in, or give a list of pre-set items. Of course, pre-set will have its limitations. THe picture should streach out over the user’s “About me” info too.

  • Ability to change colors
  • Ability to move items around
  • Set backgrounds behind your robloxian’s USer Box.

Trading System

Of course, with the giant amount of scams, this system has to come in. But why limit it to just a Robux/Tix exchange? Roblox should allow a giant E-bay like trading system. I say LIKE for a reason. When someone starts a trade, there is 2 options: Auction, or Trade

Auction is putting your item/money up for the highest bidder. You should be able to set your own starting price and rising amount (How much the next bid should rise by) Its a great way to get rid of some old, but rare hats.

Trading is putting an item up, and sending a message to a player you want to trade with. Both users have to accept the offer, and can see what the other is trading for it.

  • Auctions to sell items that may be rare/hard to find
  • Trades to allow 1 on 1 swapping
  • Only models, hats, money, and places can be swapped. Everything can be auctioned.

Beta Testers

As clockwork said “200 testers definitely beats 14.” He’s right. Roblox should get some super trusted and super experianced players to test new releases as they become avalible. I think they should also get a nice shiny badge too. 😀

But what shouldnt happen?

Well, I am just one person, and roblox is made up of 500,00 users, so this is all just my opinion…

  • Capes. A fluttering cape just doesnt fit in with Roblox’s style
  • Hair. Again, seeing hair on me fluttering behind me just sounds wierd. and just imaging it, I would just look wierd.

39 Responses

  1. Nice list.

  2. Nice list – we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about groups/clans/corporations…..


  3. Nice.But I like the Capes But HAIR?!O_o…..Weird…Even though with no hats,Your Bald XD

  4. My fav is the clans idea, I tried a post in the forums about that, but litterally noone posted. the leader of the clans should be able to choose what rank they want speciffic people in the clan, and have the option of allowing other people to change ranks but not above their own rank. also I think the entire clan should be ranked by winning against other clans, if you fight against a lower ranked clan and win, you won’t get much closer to improving in rank (depending on the difference) and the exact opposite for winning against higher ranked clans, if you beat them, you should get much closer to improving in rank. Also you should lose a rank (or at least get further away from gaining one) if you lose a battle.

  5. also, about the 15+ idea, I’m 13 and act pretty much like 15 and not nearly like 9 year olds. the bad thing is, if there is a 15+ area, all the 15+ will go there (it doesn’t matter if you make it possible for them to go to either, they still will) and people like me will be stuck with more than ever of the people you say 15 year olds act a lot different from.

  6. Please read my most recent post, I havn’t seen many problems with young people I couldn’t handle, but if all the 15 year olds are replaced with them I might.

  7. The 15+ area isnt going to be a whole new site. By places I means like regular games like Rocket area, except those over 15 can enter.

    If we isolate the older players, roblox would crash, because all of the cool content comes from the old people who understand more complicated stuff (LUA)

  8. Rocket Arena*, sorry.

  9. cool

  10. *twitch* I’m 12, I wouldn’t be able to hang out with some of my friends D:

  11. For an age restriction, you could put a script into your map that tests each user coming in for maturity and/or knowledge, that people who act normal enough on the internet can answer, such as “sin, cos, ___ fill in the blank”, or something like “Which country has had a waffle named after them?”. That would weed out a lot of idiots.

  12. Yeah, about Broobles, it wouldn’t be an age test, it would be a maturity test.

    For those of you who don’t know who Broobles is, that’s what I call Breegull.

  13. Im 9 and i know lua!

    Hey look Telamon and BM posted!!

  14. Mwahahaha Good Idea =D

  15. I know what you meant when you said the age restriction thing, what I’m say is since I’m 12, I can’t go to the 15+ servers, meanwhile everyone 15+ is going to the 15+ servers, that leaves below 15+ in the servers with no age restrictions, and that means more 8 year olds that mature players that aren’t 15+ have to handle.

  16. I know of that problem, and thats why I suggested only a fourm, or a Few servers. If only a few places (Regular ones like Rocket Arena) got some 15+ servers, they will get bored fast.

    Its a option, not a new area.


  18. i have a clan. It is kinda big and i dont wanna tell all of them ,” srry but i cant own a clan anymore. See ya!” Can’t we just say whoever owns a big enough clan of (insert #) of ppl then they can keep it.

  19. i think its a good idea to let clans duel bc it can help players get stronger and better at fighting in the game. so yes i do think clans should be able to duel in a arena of some sort. i would love it if u updated it =D

  20. i think that we should be able to do the user page coloer thing cus thtas cool and i like your ideas briguy you have a good idea and that would be just great if we got like a pation and we probly could make you ideas real and roblox would be a greatre place for users on roblox

  21. I think this is very well written. But the 15+ thing might not work. Smaller kids could easily just change their user to say they are 15+ so they can hang out with the “big kids.” Trust me, that’s what would happen. I would know. I’ve got three annoying younger sibling… T_T

    Otherwise, great!

  22. we should do all of them u said and we should do it soon

  23. you should add hair and make scripting easier capes would be cool add you hould have partys for holidays or make some up and add events and make one humogouses are or little ones that people can get ideas from


  25. really nice list dude

  26. i think hair would be cool it would have to flow behind u. i think we need hair for the girls it looks kinda weird seeing a girl with just ribbons on their head. I think the girls would like it the girls don’t have very many hats. and maybe a mohawk and other cools wigs for just us guys.

  27. Sorry im the Anonymous the hair wouldn’t have to flow behind your head. sorry for the error.

  28. it could just be a hair decal, not what other peopl are thinking about, although either way it would still look weird, so I say no hair.

  29. i agree with u and mostly i liked the clan idea.i know a few players that made clans but they write that in there desc sayin when they recruit or wat ranks there is,but since theres no real clans in roblox its really unknown unless u check there profile descs(and HOW MANY PLAYERS ARE THERE TO CHECK!!!)they should make a clans link with each clan having certain requirments set by owner of it.

  30. it doesnt really matter to hav the 15+ thing because if place is too….how shall i say it…..not liked by a young kid because he/she prefers like role playin over action he/she wont visit.(though thats a good idea,im 13 but im more mature than my acutal age but i act silly to be funny and people think im immature,which im not.”snap,im talkin to my self”.


  32. I like the customizable user page idea, a lot. I also like the trading, but NOT with hats. People who steal others’ accounts would be able to do some real damage, such as selling the most expensive hat you’ve bought for 1 Tix, so they can get it.

    The 15+ thing doesn’t really make any sense. 15 isn’t exactly a commonly used age anyway… 13 or 16 would probably be better. If you want to be with some other ‘mature’ people (I use that term loosely in most cases, with all the chat spammers), use xFire.

  33. But if the player DOES do it, then Roblox can instantly track down who did it and fix it all.

  34. maybe there should be a history of people system to see if they should be banned or not.

  35. I like the idea of the capes but HAIR? you REALLY should NOT but hair on the robloxians because that will look VERY ugly

  36. Please make the ROBLOXians hair! But, when you start that, please make a page that’ll say: “What is your gender? What color hair do you have? Is your hair long or short?”

  37. needs baned for nothen just want to

  38. I really like the clan idea kuz i have a clan, but, really no clans are organized, even mine. If we had the clan thing then then we could have clan wars that people actually came to, meetings that were actually attended, ect.

    Also, YES ON THE TRADING SYSTEM! Roblox needs a way to trade that isnt full of ripoff pplz… that and i would LOVE to sell sum of my models!

    Oh an btw.. Tyasue is my roblox name, and T.O.L. is mah clan name!

    Finally, I would like to be an admin/moderator, because Ihave been playing for 2 years now, and I have recruited the following members – Tyasume4 (He copied mah name!) Cofeska210 Gh0st2 Nick04 mordu and kiran11.
    I know we are not upposed to ask but I think i would be a wonderful addition to the roblox team!

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