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The New: Roblox Test Server

ROBLOX Test Server

Roblox has a nice new test server to give people a sneak peek at whats coming up on Roblox. The new site can be found at http://test.roblox.com or at http://gametest.roblox.com and will only be open at certain times. More information can be found on the Roblox Test Server Forum. Have fun, and try all the stuff you can so you can help make Roblox a better game!

Please note that this server is separate from the real one, so anything you buy, sell, make, or destroy, will not be available to you on the Real server.



9 Responses

  1. i dont see why i cant get on it my person is on it i made him did every thing and if bulider man needs help i well do it

  2. Yeh it was good infact if you use IE The lag is reduced qutie alot

  3. i remember the last time i tried to go on the test server… *rethinks memory:
    *looks at screen* me:test server not open!..omg fu** this i went….(and the rant continues)* ….ya it was preety hectic.

  4. it was great. although the choice of game is limited to what concepts the admins need testing, the improvment is amazing with at least a 20 fps increase and minimal lag even with a full server. they are updating the game as i type this. i hope that that is the update.

  5. Umm i think its god but i cant acess it bcause the site is offline
    any1 know when it comes back?

  6. i can’t go in of teast roblox why can’t I

  7. The test server opens at random times, there will be an ad on roblox just click on the ad and it takes you to test server

  8. (im Are92k from on roblox)

  9. I really want the red banned top hat


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