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As I am sitting in my chair, reading the fourms, and waiting for that 1 millionth user, I begin to wonder how the game has gotten from an idea in someones head, out to over 500,000 players.

I began my deep thought by going back to the simplest way to remember back then: I found Scatman on my MP3, and started to play it. I never knew of Scatman before Roblox, and after, I was a great fan. But since I starting listening to Scatman right around the time I had joined, the great and fun memories came flooding back.

I also went through very old Roblox place files I havent touched in over 1 year, from when I joined. Just seeing those places brought back good memories of what happened in those great places. It really makes you feel like you had an impact on Roblox today.

And we did. I did. You did. Anyone who joined and played did. They all helped create content, generate place visits (and Self-Esteem) for other people, and helped give constructive critizism back to the devs. Of course, the big idea is creating content. The devs started by making a Object Browser for scripters, and some sample BrickBAttle weps. We took the game from there.

The real job of the Devs is to keep feeding the communtiy with new ways to make cool new stuff, then more players come, more players buy Builders Club, and the Devs have more money to keep their jobs and give the players what they want.

But now the real question comes: How will We, the players, shape the game?

Of course, after awile, players leave. People are always looking for the next greatest thing.

But is the reason players leave is that they cant accomplish what they want to, or that the community isnt creating enough brand new content. The community generally stay in fads. But fads are bad.

Players need to break those fads, and create something new that no one has ever done before. The players will now have something new to mimic, and keep the community happy.

I wish someone would break those fads soon. Roblox is really starting to bore me lately

*sigh*…. I wish…..



7 Responses

  1. 🙂 Sounds about right.

  2. I’m trying
    half way done with my place… and once I finish my place I won’t stop there. I hope to bread this fad (even though I don’t know the definition of fad XD)

  3. I’m hoping to break the fads we’ve been having as well. The biggest fad I’ve seen in ROBLOX is combat, and after you’ve played 37 different ways to do it combat just gets boring.

    Right now I’m working on a brand new style of race course…it’ll take me awhile to do though. I do have a demo of the first course in my Models, though.
    (this first course is just to test some stuff out for future courses)

  4. ….My place will be TOTALLY unique, I’ll be working on it… FOREVER

  5. like, people totally have like xLEGOx or stickmasterluke and many others rember that clockwork too was once just a normal player…. look where he ended up

  6. Briguy, I know how you feel with those memories… I started roblox and went to all those great places like the doom spire, the original bread factory, and even mikeds minigame world. It brought back so many good memories…

  7. *Sigh* I remember those times……Where I would shoot someone and he would say, “Hey! I’m going to get you next time!” In a playful manner. Now it’s, “YU KILLD MEH111!1!!11! I IZ GAWNAH REPURT U!!1!11!1!”

    I loved the old days.

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