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This Would Be Cool…

Note: Even though I am a Fourm Mod now, doesn’t mean anything I say/do/think is offical. Not unless I say so. Also, dont expect special previews of stuff from the devs. Thats not going to happen either


Clans: In-Depth

Remember that “Roblox in 08” post I made some time ago? In there I mention clans. I thought I would revise it a little.

  • Players can only be in 1 clan at a time
  • Clans will have a Ranking system. There will be 5 leadership ranks and 10 player ranks. The 5 leaders will be listed on the Clans page. If the spot is open, players can click on the spot and apply for the position.
  • Clans won’t be ranked. Not even by the Battle System (See Below)
  • Clans MIGHT be able to custom-code their page. Like a special body or something.
  • Clans should be able to pick the colors of their page
  • Each clan should get their own fourm
  • To prevent “spying” on players, Clans should have whats called and “24 Re-Join Limit” Meaning, if someone quits a cla, they cant join any other clan for 24 hours, except their own. Also, if someone rejoins in the 24 hours, they will get their rank back.
  • Clans should be able to upload a logo. Also, the logo will instantly turn into a T-Shirt that is given to all clan-members.
  • Only BC can make clans. If this is too extreme, only accounts over 1-2 months old can make one.

Battle System

Battle system is a new way to BrickBattle.

  • Any KO’s/WO’s earned in the Battle system are seperate. Should be called Battle Knockouts(BKO)
  • A certian set of maps should be allowed into the Battle System. If every fighting map was let in, you can go to a map where its “Get 5000 KO’s EASY!”
  • Battle Servers will be bordered/layered with a red box to show they are part of the System
  • If you hit “Play” you wont join a Battle Server
  • Battles can be joined from a special page
  • For the obivious reason, Ranking should be allowed in this. As a bonus, the top 10 players should be able to get a prize. Like 10 Robux a day, or a hat they only have for as long they are on the list.
  • Players are ranked by “Most BKO’s and Best Ratio”. So if I have 10 BKO’s and 9 BWos, and the next player has 4 BKO’s and 0 BWO’s, I will be ranked higher even though he has a better ratio.
  • Maps: (Basic/Classic set)
  • Crossroads
  • Rocket Arena
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Paintball CTF
  • (New map set)
  • Sword Fight Original
  • Sword Fight 4
  • C-Frame sword fight
  • Planet Voss: Gateway Park



9 Responses

  1. they would have to be able to add maps with battle servers to the list if a new good one comes up 😉

  2. Awesome Idea’s But Let The Non-Members Join Clans.

  3. I LOVE your site so much more than sonicboys!!!!!!!

  4. congrats on the job bri. 😛

    anyways, nice ideas. would be cool to see them implemented into roblox one of these days.


  5. No one leiks Juice anymore ;_;
    Anyways, great ideas Briguy.

  6. too bad briguy isn’t a dev D=

  7. i love juice it just i read this also
    color of page is so simple yet we never get to choose…hmm we should of thaught of that -.-

  8. Yeah but the clan system will take alot of work. Plus isnt the team at roblox currently concentrating on currrent contest and glitches. Lag is one problem too. Maybe they can test it when they open uip a test server if the team likes the idea. Then again I am not even a moderater

  9. i wanted to be a forum mod but its too late now

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