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Gladiator Arena Minigames

Yay, the first guide in ages!

Summary: Stealth Pilot works his minigame magic in Gladiator Arena Minigames (Also called GAM).

The place is uber-fun, and also very challenging. Lets run through the games, and give you some stratiges!

Game 1: BrickBattle Deathmatch

Kinda hard to tell you what to do here. If you stink at fighting with regular items, you are going to stink at this game. Try to play around cover, it can save your life.

Game 2: Manic Moonwalk

You might want to start by removing your hat. Hats can make you jump lower. After that, try to grab the orbs. However, beware of 2 things: 1. Orbs that spawn too far away. IF you try to grab it, and suceed, you will die from these orbs. and 2. Beware of Mobs of people, because they can make you fall early.

Game 3:Drawing Bridges

This is a nice game, but also a challenge. The AWP guns SP uses is funky. They may look like thay are  not working, and sometimes they are.

When fighting, do a Shoot-Cover-reload-Shoot technique. Locate your enemy. shoot them. Take cover by hiding halfway down the stairs. Reload, then repeat. If the enemy tries the same technique, try to get closer, or trick them into coming up, OR climb up a up-bridge. From there you can easily hit them.

Game 4: Clock Tower Brawl

This game is fairly straightforward: Punch your enemies out of the clock.

If you dont know how Punch tool works, heres a summary: You got to hit them with your arm, while your arm is moving forawrd. This time is very small, so you need to learn how to time with the Punch and knock them out. If you think you are going to be punched, JUMP! Turning wont help much.

Game 5: Final Fortress

A revival of Fort Wars, you build your base then fight with them

ALl bricks are anchored, and spawning bricks of diffrent sizes is easy. Your going to have to build a fort of your preference. I like building a base as high up as I can.

Game 6: Gladiator Dash

A simple race, but can turn un-fair in a split second

Try to not ram walls,. and try to stick to the paths that require little turning.

The lazer can knock you, or anyone else, out. Everyone but 1st can be hit,. Or just 1st cfan be hit. You just dont know. This game can be shifted in less than a second

Game 7: Hover Shovers

Simply Bumper Cars

At the beginning, you just need to survive. AS the platform starts to reach critcal size, stick to the middle as much as you can. You can try to turn your Car off, since 1 car cant push another without momentum.

Game 8: Spire Snipers

AWP fight in the fog

Try to stay out of the fog. It can screw up the path of your bullet. Get above fog. And find a nice sniping point.

(Note: If you have the GAm admin shirt, you might get launched way up high when being moved from the admin room to the game. Use this to your advantage and try to land on high platforms.)

Game 9: Kick In Drive


If the teams are even, expect a stalemate.

If they are un-even, put up a fight and try to make sure the other team doesnt push towards your goal. Not much else to say, its a hard game.

Game 10: Arena Aces


These planes are special, because 1 shot wont kill you. You have HP, and you wil lregain HP if left alone.

So shoot when you have high hp, and run  when you got low.


3 Responses

  1. :O an actuall guide!?!??!!!?!!! on a game! I havn’t seen one of these since I was a newby on roblox XD

  2. You wrote “Hard to hell” Not “Hard to tell”.

  3. Oops. My bad. Thanks.

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