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ROBLOX Classics – Sword Fight on the Heights Original

Sword Fight on the Heights Original

Sword Fight on the Heights Original

“The very first sword fight level evah”. Sword Fight on the Heights is a still-thriving fight arena that was created before its sequels, Sword Fight on the Heights II through IV. This is the perfect place to practice your sword fighting skills. Although it may be flooded with people trying to learn the way of the melee master, elite sword fighters, such as sparttan, auskia and myself, enjoy visiting this place. We mainly come here for two reasons: One; we’re working on racking up our KOs, or two; we’re just bored. The original sword fight map is the only decent SFOTH I’ve ever seen. Sword Fight on the Heights II introduced two aggrivating weapons: the Firebrand and Ice Dagger. The Firebrand was okay, but the Ice Dagger was the most irritating weapon to face. All that had to be done was that the wielder touch their opponent, and the opponent would freeze and die. The Firebrand was eventually developed to protect the wielder from ice dagger noobs, but the whole map concept still went downhill from there.

In the original, there is only the sword of *plastic* steel, so the whole field of play is materialistically balanced. The only factor to change the balance of the field is the skill of the fighters. I recommend you try to perfect your sword fighting skills before you try to take on the elites. I’m not saying to stay away, but it would be a good idea to keep away from the experts. Heck, if you become good friends with them, they may even consider training you!

The only things given to help you out are two heal pads and two armor stands. Armor doubles your maximum health and increases your chances of surviving in mid combat. However, the use of armor is frowned at by regulars and elites. Using it for your first day of training is preferred, but prepare for hearing everyone you fight call you an “armor noob”. In reality, it’s there for a reason, but many people feel that it gives the player an unfair advantage.

For the most part, Sword Fight on the Heights Original is virtually lag-free. There are very few moving parts; There’s only three spinners and three wobble platforms.

All in all, Sword Fight on the Heights Original is a true classic, and a great place to practice your skills with the sword. It was made when Telamon still had it in him, and he still likes to drop by every now and then. With that in mind, be sure to check it out sometime. It’s a great place worth visiting.


PS. If you see Telamon, do me a favor and kill that noob as many times as your heart desires.


8 Responses

  1. lol, I liked the last line XD
    what’s next? miked’s minigames? miked’s paintball? my fave is miked’s paintball, I’m an elite at paintball.

  2. I actualy realy like the standard sword fight level! Plus i even managed to kill the “armor n00b” with one sword strike! I was thinking that i became pro but got owned a second later! Good review!

  3. Ah, so THAT’s where I remember you from. Everyone loves pointy things and plastic men. ;D

  4. lol, i realy liked the last line.lol

  5. Actually, it’s “the first sword fight level evar”, not “evah.” Lol.

  6. If I see him, you got yourself a promise.

    PS after I get the training lol

  7. Ah, this place is mostly where i go when im bored…

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