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ROBLOX Classics – Ultimate Paintball CTF

Ultimate Paintball CTF

Ultimate Paintball CTF

Ultimate Paintball goes way back. If you look closely at the December ROBLOX Demo video, you’ll see builderman fighting at this place, demonstrating the game of Paintball.

The object of the game is to rack up as many points as you can through wiping out your opposition using a heavily modified paintball gun. The normal mode fires basic but deadly paintballs that deal 50 damage to the target. The Sniper mode allows you to shoot lethal, super-fast paintballs, but it takes a long time to reload; one shot will be enough to kill your foe. Burst mode fires several weak (and not so accurate) paintballs. Grenade Mode allows you to throw paintball-sized grenades at your opponents at relatively short distances. It takes a long time to reload, but packs an explosive punch. In mid 2008, miked upgraded the Burst mode and added the melee attack. The melee attack allows you to pistol-whip your opponents up close, packing a lethal wallop.

Behind the fortresses are a long river, connecting them with fast-paced transport. If you’re lucky, you’ll find and pick up a rocket launcher to blow the competition away. Literally. No pun intended.

In the middle of the map, there’s a white patch of land, known as the “hill”. Staying alive atop the hill will slowly give you more points as you stay alive. Because the hill is a hot spot for a paintball blood bath, staying alive can be tricky. However, if you’re as good a paintball fighter as me, Poker_Man29, or especially MrStinky, then you’ll have no trouble.

On the other hand, if you were like us, you’d want to head to the other base and capture the flag. This is a difficult task, because staying alive on the trip to the other side is only half the mission. The enemy team’s defenders and snipers hanging in the towers will be well aware of you and try to take you out before you can get back to your base. If you want to play it safe (or if you’re just a plain noob), you may want to head behind their base and ride the river back to your base. If you want to brave yourself for the journey back, as most do, then you’ll wind up cutting back through the field again back to your base. Have your teammates back you up on your way to and from the base, and you should be alright. Though it’s a dangerous task, you will be rewarded greatly for capturing the flag. If you successfully capture the flag, you’ll score another hundred points for your team.

At the end of the game, the winning team is announced. Although you don’t get anything special for winning, the place is a great chance to rack up your KOs. And your wipeouts. The place was built and scripted with the skills we expect from miked. Personally, I think the paintball guns were the best touch. the multiple gun modes are great to experiment with to see what’s right to use in different situations. Therefore, Ultimate Paintball is a strategic game for fighting elites. Long story short, epic game.



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