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ROBLOX Classics – Crossroads

The Original Crossroads Map by Telamon (June 2006)

The Original Crossroads Map by Telamon (June 2006)


Crossroads Today

Crossroads, as you may have guessed, is an old map. It’s been around since ROBLOX first started. The original (top) was created by Telamon in June 2006. It was his first map to ever be submitted to ROBLOX. In turn, it was a relatively popular place to visit. Even today, it’s still a good place to visit if you need somewhere to go. You can pwn those clueless noobs with ease if you know what you’re doing.

Crossroads originated when ROBLOX had just started. It was a very popular place to hang out, even when there were only 3 people online at the place at a time, including Telamon and Matt. As time passed, ROBLOX developed for the better, and Crossroads began to evolve. More bricks, more weapons, and more things to blow up. It’s not always all that laggy, despite the amount of bricks. There are thousands and thousands of bricks all used to make the place, and the framerate never skips a beat. Well, depending on your internet connection and server.

There’s no real goal for Crossroads. All you really gotta do is fight, explore, and blow things up with bombs and rockets as you go. The map, old as it is, still has one historical monument that’s been there ever since the map was created. Remember that blue and black tower with all those yellow stairs? That tower was created by Telamon, and it’s been there ever since the level was created. Later, the place evolved. The small grey castle was transformed into a giant stronghold called Blackrock Castle. The hillside’s size increased, and a cave formed inside. Addition of furniture turned the cave into the Thieve’s Den. On the remaining corner of the Crossroads, an enormous structure called the Lost Temple was created. Its name is questioned, however; if it’s lost, how is it visible from over 2,000 studs away? Perhaps there’s a secret underground structure within…

Even though times have changed, the level of fun you’ll have playing Crossroads will always stay the same. Well, unless you get noobs. Then, the fun either goes down or up. But don’t worry about the noobs. I hear they’re useful for target practice…


Author’s Note: Due to updates, the weapons in the original Crossroads no longer work properly. The slingshot ammo is big and doesn’t disappear, and the rockets don’t fly like they’re supposed to and don’t explode. Let the player beware. The place is no longer playable fightwise.

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