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Zomg. Heads.

If you haven’t found out already, there have been a ton of new things called “heads” in the Roblox Catalog.  Basically, they are just something that you put on in place of your normal head.  There are simple spheres and cubes in there, and wierd shapes like a hexagon, an octagon, or a messed up cylinder.


-first post in a while, vader92195


4 Responses

  1. this means more possible glitches 😀

  2. Roblox has started to glitch ever since the heads came out. The swords aren’t as reactive when you touch someone, you have to swipe at a player a million times before he loses a sliver of his health. And when you spawn, I see people’s names hovering midair, and their bodies walking along away from their name. Their bodies also walk out of the spawn-shield that appears around your character when your player is placed into the game.

  3. I’ve had that too.

  4. Me too, that recent update sucks! Now u cant mine/chop trees,capture. And its way to hard to shoot players when names hover and players are lag moving!

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