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The 2008 Gifts

As you know, ROBLOX has given out present hats in ROBLOX again. I’ve put together a little list of the gifts and how they were obtained.

Crimson Gift of Good Citizenship

Who got it: All accounts who had logged on since December 1st, 2008 and had no moderation actions against them in the month prior. Basically, if you were being good (as far as Reese knows),  you got it. Inside, you find the Racing Helmet. Just for those who have that need for speed.

Chancy Gift of Roshambo

Who got it: Everyone who beat Telamon at Rock Paper Scissors. That is, all accounts who had only the word “paper” on their profile. Some winners probably picked up on the clue given by the material the hat was made of. The box itself was made of rock – Telamon’s choice. Those who know how to play Rock Paper Scissors know that paper covers rock, so they chose paper. At the time of distribution, Telamon revealed his choice. If you had “paper” on your profile, you got it. If you had more than that single word, you were disqualified for not following directions. Inside, you find a pair of scissors. How ironic.

Lucrative Gift of Merchantilism

Who got it: All accounts who had taken advantage of the new RoblEX trade system prior to the distribution time. The RoblEX trade system is a new system that allows users to legally trade tickets for ROBUX, or vise versa. It’s a great new feature for non-Builder’s Club players. The amount you traded didn’t matter, you just had to use it. Inside, you find a Tixsplosion. The hat was going to be a bailout plan, but it was later decided that was a lame idea. So they made the Tixsplosion hat instead.

Neon Gift of Self-Actualization

Who got it: All accounts who had posted a comment on the gift (not the Tixsplosion; it hadn’t been made yet). Simple enough, yet not everyone figured it out. Inside, you find a Thought Fortress. Who would’ve thought it would be something as simple as that? (No pun intended.)

Tragic Gift of Reparations

Who got it: All Most accounts who had beened KO’d by Telamon. I say most because he killed me, and I didn’t get it. Jerk. Inside, you find the Helm of the Flashing Bolt. Telamon hopes you consider forgiving him for pwning you. No hard feelings? I ain’t forgiving him, ’cause I didn’t get it.Royal Gift of Kings

Who got it: All accounts who owned any kind of crown or royal hat. Full list:

  • Gold Crown
  • Void Star
  • Crown of Warlords
  • Princess Hat
  • Tiara
  • The Golden Egg of Kings
  • Ice Crown
  • Domino Crown
If you had any of these hats, you got the gift. Inside, you find the Golden Top Hat of Bling Bling. Look, I don’t care what anyone says, that hat is ugly as all heck.Beryl Gift of AmbassadorWho got it: All of ROBLOX’s best ambassadors. That is, all accounts who had earned the Inviter badge before December 18th, 2008. This was, in theory, the hardest to get, considering I don’t see many accounts with the Inviter badge. Inside, you find probably the best hat of them all, the Ice Skull of Nevermoor. Man, when Telamon said  he had a great idea for the Beryl Gift, he wasn’t joking. That thing is awesome!

And that’s all the hats that could be obtained. The present hats were brought back by popular demand, so if you had asked the admins to make more hats for 2008, you can pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

Merry Christmas!


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