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A new year, a new outlook

2009. Whoah, what just happened? It seemed like only a month ago I had randomly found Roblox on Youtube. But no, that was almost a year and a half ago. Its kinda hard to look back, mostly because this is just a game.

But is it?

Is that all Roblox is? A game? A MMO? A RPG? Is that it?

The more literal of you will probably say yes. But think about it. Most video games have so few impact on your life. Does Roblox? Heck, I wasnt really interest in the field of Computer Programming untill after this game. I wasn’t interested in Physics, problem solving, ECT. But Roblox turned that table, and made sure I was.

But that was only part 1.

Now I don’t only play Roblox, I help Roblox, the devs, the mods, whoever. I got lucky, yes. But its so great to see it from another perspective(Which I almost lost, nyah) and really get into the works of the site. And the hundreds of fans I pick up a long the way.

But living in the past gets us nowhere. Looking towards the future is the way to go. Yours, mine, Roblox’s, its all unknown.

Don’t ask whats going to happen in 2009, ask what YOU are going to make happen in 2009.

Roblox or not.

(P.S: Briguy’s Roblox has hit it’s 1 year anniversary! Woo!)



3 Responses

  1. What a statement. It’s true though, because of Roblox I not only wanna work there, but I (Like you) want to learn Lua and computer programming. Ya know, Roblox has been the thing I look foward to after school and stuff, It’s really fun. I mean, even moderating (I think) is fun. Reporting spammers was, and I think that’s all Roblox really is. Fun and helping people. Don’t you wish all life was like that?

  2. lol, nice change to the quote “ask not what your people will do for you, ask what you will do for your people.” XD

  3. So deep.

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