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How to save the Games page

I hear too much of “Front Page places are nooby” an “I work hard on my place and someone who didnt gets more visits”

Its obivious that, yes, quality over quantity is true. But why just sit and complain? Why not take action.

Here are some key factors, and how YOU can fix them.

1. All they use is Free Models and just mix it all together.

Okay? So? Isn’t that is why Free Models is there? If you have a problem about what kind of models are made public, how about you start pumping your own models into the toolbox? If they are better, then you can improve games that quickly. Pump you own, good models into Free Models to help improve the quality of maps.

2. They don’t know the difference between a good map and a noob map.

The majority of people on Roblox are kids, probably around ages 8-13. Also, since that majority are people who have only been playing for less than a month, you can’t blame them. It’s all a vicious circle. They join, they play the games on the Front page and have fun, and try to build their own maps just like that. They’re new. Give them a break.

3. They have no clue how to fully utilize LUA

So teach them. Help them. Don’t just ignore them because they have no idea what to do. You were at their level at some point, not knowing anything about LUA. Scripting Help is one of the slowest replied to areas on the Fourms. Go there, and help them.

4. I can’t get any visits since my place doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Hey, you can’t please everyone can you? Many Roblox users said Phooey to their reputation as good builders and built bad, but appealing maps, to hopefully get some extra Tix to keep them going. Some have even used this tatic and right when they hit top-spot, they switch out their map with something better. You can’t please everyone.

5. One person steals ideas from the Front page, makes it, gets to the front page, and the cycle continues. And when a good map gets on the front page, no one can re-make it, since they have no experience.

This is what Roblox is.  The only way to break the cycle is to try to follow these ideas and try to improve the general quality of the map, and make it easier for people to make better maps. Then those people can pump better models in, and the cycle can improve.



6 Responses

  1. I’ve always said to create new free models. People are still using ones from when I started… I’m not really a great builder. I can do it if I get an idea, but I can’t actually find a reason build anything for myself.

  2. This is a good site. People might just learn to HELP people than to make things worse.

  3. There are a million ways to fix the front page, all require one person or more doing work. for example, someone can look at the front page, click on the name of each person there, pm them saying “I am going to teach you to script for free!”, then teach them to script, one at a time. that would wor eventually.
    another way would be spend a ton of time to make 15 good places, then rush a mob of people to them. The main problem is noone has ever tried enough.

  4. I agree on most of the stuff, especially about the free models part. However, yes thats how roblox is, they steal the ideas, etc. BUT people go overboard, and steal certian stuff from that game. Example? Decals. I know a lot of people who make awesome decals themselves, and people go and steal em, for their “game”. That part of the cycle, is really lame. Dunno. Thats just my two cents.

  5. I’m thinking the fix for the Games Page is to create “Building Sets” — basically, put all the scripting a person would need into one easy-to-use package. That way, they would only need to build the Place — and I figure there’s many more Builders out there than Scripters.

    There’s plenty of ideas out there, but a large portion of them can be done with a few simple tools — and the people willing to script those tools into easy-to-manipulate stuff can still be recognized. Take TylerMcBride’s “Super Roblox Galaxy” set, for instance.

    I’ve published one set to date (a racing set loosely based on Mario Kart). Since its release date, I’ve gotten fairly good feedback on it. I’ve also learned a few lessons so that people won’t have as much trouble with the “easy” to use equipment in the future (mainly, catering to those that build in Solo Mode).

    In fact, I’m currently working on an upgrade set for Briguy’s Board Game set, to automate the whole process of playing the game. It’s basically going to consist of a tool that’ll let you define your board’s various routes — it’s planned for the tool to insert two values into the Brick (one for location along the board and one to determine its type). Background scripting will take care of the rest, from the random dice rolls to the minigames played after each turn. It’s a side project while I’m planning the layout of my next Place (which, if all goes according to plan, will hit the front page and possibly uncopy-locked as well).

  6. I made a deathless obstical corse begining and put it into free modles, i wonder if that will get to the front page…

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