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Whats the plural form of “Crisis”?

Whatever it is, Roblox has had some serious problems the last week. Heres:


Infected Models

A script, disguised as a “Anti-Lag” script, has infected much of Roblox. Said scripts, known as “Infected”, are crashing places by spamming them with messages. The Roblox community quickly caught on, and an antidote was distributed in short time. Rumor has it that more complicated Infected scripts are being published that hide better, and the Antidote has no effect on.

From Builderman’s Help Page:

Problem: There is a model on your place, or many models, that have the name Infected. You didn’t put them there or know how they got there.


The infected model is just a regular model that was affected by a script. The script came in on a public model that came from Free Models or that you bought from the catalog.

Here’s what to do:

  • Save your place before inserting a model from somewhere – and look for hidden scripts!
  • Run a vaccine. You can find vaccines in the Catalog.
  • Start your place over – it may be the only way to get rid of the script.

There is no way for the script to get into your account security or billing information, so don’t worry.

Robloxians in debt

On Saturday, the Roblox Catalog crashed, and purchases became backed up. Anyone who bought something saw that their money didnt go down, and continued to buy items. However, when the purchases DID go through, many Robloxians were pushed into debt. Some people who didnt even take advantage of said glitch were put into debt. Admins are working hard to get everyone their money back, or at least get them out of debt.


10 Responses

  1. If you can’t find the script, vaccines aren’t working, and you don’t want to get rid of your place, the best thing to do is create a script that removes anything that comes into workspace with a className of “Message”

  2. Nice post 😉

  3. it’s crises

  4. Also, i got around 150 robux on saturday or sunday =/

  5. I had a stair from the free models in my place called infected, i removed the script in every brick and it didnt attack me. I dont use free modles that much, and my username is dabuilder55

  6. The plural for “crisis” is “crises”, I believe.

  7. crisis-s
    hmm i like that sound funny how you roll the s XD

  8. I HAVE 76,890R$ and 909,999TIX if someone wants half my TIX and R$

  9. Hmmmm… thats a good Idea lah. One of my vaccines didnt work and I had to remove about 50 infected scripts well hidden in 1 model! Why didnt I think of that?

  10. Roblox isn’t working =/ I tried getting on it said its under somthing for 30 mins i waited a half hour it said wait an HOUR!!! AGH!!! i love roblox sooo much i wanna marry it

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