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World of Wood contest: Using Wood to Your Advantage

The newest contest has just gotten underway, so here comes a few building tips to help you make wood one of your greatest assets.

1.Think about where Wood would look great. Are you adding it to a building, or to a boat? Wood is wood, so think about practical uses in real life before you add it to Roblox.

2. Use Wood to give dull areas life. If you have just a staircase leading up, not much is going on. Change the steps to wood, add a wooden railing, or add wooden trim.

3. Wood can sometimes be good, even when used wrong Sometimes, theres nothing you can add to a situation to make it look better. Try making random items wood, such as the walls, floors, ECT. As long as the same object has wood somewhere else, it just might look nice

4. Experiment! While wood is very pretty used in normal situations, This is Roblox, so try putting Wood in places no one else would think possible!


(Note: Another guide coming soon from Vader92195)


7 Responses

  1. I can’t see wood D:

    why not?

  2. wood can be used in place of plastic for just about anything. I made a whole place with working cars (including flying ones) and roads and everything all out of wood

  3. Thank briguy, my ROBLOX name is Imlovingit, and I did a recolor of miked’s paintball using your tips! I hope it wins, and good luck to all of you out there!

  4. Nice.

  5. omg how do i pick my nose omg?!?

  6. cool suggestions briguy.HAX34 wood is at the top on roblox studio LOL

  7. when I first heard of wood, I thought of FIRE! :3

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