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Are they really new colors?

Telamon said that we got 32 new colors.

However, I vaguely remember that you can still get any color by trying a random BrickColor value. Even recently, if you took the Fancy Rug from Furniture, you might have noticed that the color the brick currently is, cannot be found on the old 32 palate. (And going in game to Online mode will change the rug into a normal color)

Is this just a simple update of adding 32 already made colors to the Color palate? Who knows.

Be sure to use these new colors in the World of Wood contest! Remember, I got some Wood tips right here!


19 Responses

  1. There are lots more colors. I’m not sure the exact amount, but xLEGOx guesstimates close to 100.

    You could also access colors by inserting a script that assigned a color to the brick, via its numerical value.

  2. Nice but why are there 64? 8 per each since 8 x 8 = 64? Well I used the bricks for my wow contest.

  3. Awesome i have need wanting new co.lors

  4. the new colors are so cool!

  5. Just a few notes:

    Long ago, I found a list of colors in the Roblox files downloaded to my system. When I checked it, there were all 255(?) colors in a list, all in 32 categories. So, if you tried to add some color that wasnt in the first 32, it would change the color to what category it is under.

    This is why I belive the new 32 colors existed already.

  6. this is awesome now i can go to the lazer tag places without using laggy decals

  7. Yes, the colors were all still accessible using:


    But this update will make it easier for new players to make places with better colors.


  8. Ah, here’s a script that would print every brickcolor.

    p = workspace.Part
    for i = 1, math.huge do
    p.BrickColor = BrickColor.new(i)
    if BrickColor.new(i) == nil then
    break end

  9. the new colors rox’s!!!

  10. Well, the Color Reference page says that there are 300 colors to be chosen. Unfortunately, some of those 300 are blank, and therefore defaulted to medium stone gray. So, I’m guessing there are about 150 colors, if not 200.

  11. Yeah you could just put a random brickcolor interger value, but whenever you go online with it, they appear as old boring colours. Now, you dont have to set values to color, and it will apear in online mode, as well! That is the great thing about the update!

  12. The colors that you can choose are actually 63 cause they used the same orange twice

  13. You’ve got ‘new colors’ confused with ‘engine colors’

    Yes, Roblox’s engine uses a RGB system that allows for rendering of many colors, however the basic user interface only allows 32 (now 64) of these to be used easily. Anyone who knows what they’re doing with the command line can get any color that they want, but the user interface only allows for 64 to be chosen now.

  14. No,you can read without value.

  15. i like all the colors

  16. Even if they already did exist, this makes them a lot easier to use.

  17. just checked with the new 64. there’s actually 63. neon orange appears twice

  18. Just found this blog; its been going for a while now and has kept active for ages. great stuff keep it up!

  19. The admins should update the change character so that we can change our bodies to the new colors.

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