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Ambassadors and Fan-Sites

A lot of stuff has happened over the last few days. Lets take a quick overview.

Ambassador program

Roblox wishes to conquer the world! But no, in reality, Roblox is offering 2 more tix per day for every time you post a link to Roblox on another site. Links quickly spread, and hit my blog hard. Lucky, all 15 attempts of posting the link was caught by the spam filter. Its super effective!

Note: Posting ambassador links will get you put on the comment blacklist, and you will never be able to comment here again!  Vader92195 allows you to post your links on Vader’s Corner as long as you do not spam Briguy’s Roblox.

Fan-Site Kit

Strangely, I am partial to this nifty item. Inside you will find a bunch of pictures to use, and some facts about roblox. Those of us who are keener may have noticed all items were taken from the Ro-Blog file cache. Hardly seems like an item, but may help aspiring people to make more fansites (And more competition for me!)



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