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The Curse

Something the last few days has been bothering me. Its like really old memoires just came FLOODING back in, which brought an important thought to my mind: The Curse.

What is “The Curse”, you may ask? Its a serious thing of on-going happenings which always seem to relate to each other. Lets go back many years when I tried my first online game, Neopets.

I played it a lot. I loved the clan feature; but I couldnt just stay in one clan. One thing I did notice was how after I joined, there was a major player boom. But then I would move on to another clan, the old one would crash and burn. BURNNNNN.

I got addicted to a forum, and once I joined, it had a major user boom, but after I left, IT BURRNED and now I cant access the site anymore. Another fourm, same thing, but the site got bought out and the forums removed.

Now I sit here in Roblox, looking at the 2 million users that joined after me, and wonder “Is this going to be the next victim, or is The Curse just some silly idea I came up with a long time ago”

The only problem is, I don’t want to find out.



6 Responses

  1. I don’t want to find out, either.

  2. this is a lie!

  3. I don’t care what happens. The only way I can seem to quit addictions like roblox is if it crashes and burns.

  4. wow…
    the places u entered got unlucky
    its really like a curse lol

  5. lol i hope you don’t leave this site and curse it

  6. if i see you making a quitting thread, i will pee my pants.

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