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Setting up Rules

With the massive boom of the 101-st clan, I think there should be some ground rules. I think that these should be adopted by each clan, so that it doesnt get out of hand.

1. Clans are not to be made for the sole purpose of breaking rules.
2. Clans have full right to deny membership to any user.
3. Clans will NOT advertise extensively; only a post on the forums.
4. No clan can claim bragging rights until decided upon.
5. Clans will NOT raid Anyone or anything
6. Clans will not launch ‘Spies’ into any other clan, and will not harm the clan physically in any way. That means ‘Destorying it from the inside’.

Rules for fighting

1. Fights are to take place under a neutral place (Meaning the place is owned by someone not in the 2 deuling clans)

2. Teams must be even in user count.

3. If another clan does not show up, it is considered a tie.

4. No clan may have an advantage by using exploits, scripts, or extra weapons (Including walking through walls)

Hopefully this will keep clans from going in and killing each other, while letting the dominant clans reign. If your clan accepts these rules, put this where you clam meets, recruits, ECT.

“This clan accepts and follows the Roblox Clan Rules created by Briguy9876. This clan will not break the rules set forth, and in doing so will no longer allow the clan to claim dominance over any other clans following these rules.”

(NOTE: These rules are not official, nor were they created by any Roblox Admin. I created these as a USER, not as a moderator)


19 Responses

  1. I agree with this 100%

    • Raiding is like the only fun in a clan

    • noone will care about your rules, they will raid, pillage, break rules, and everything you tell them not to.

  2. Good job, Briguy.

  3. They should make this as an administrator, roblox should.

  4. Good, I hope people will understand why you made these rules. Hopefully Super Mods will see this and confirm it as a Official rule, and Developers make a Forum for clans by itself.

  5. Thanks Briguy!

  6. There should be somthing about not letting clans gather in a server and spawnkill everyone. The x101st does that alot. I was in ultimate build in a new server, and 4 of the members came in and started deleting and overcopying, and then they got anchor tools and made anchored bases, and if anyone else tried to do anything, they were knocked off the base by many bricks laid upon their heads.

  7. Agreed.


  8. Actually, I do not agree with 6.

  9. I think these should be published, and I hope most people follow it. The only rule I don’t agree with is No. 3 in the “Rules for fighting:” section.

  10. Nice rules

  11. Some of the rules sound good, some not so good. Everyone has their opinions, though, and if we followed all of them there would be no rules.

  12. i agree but i had a clan and some 1 came in and destroyed the barracks and we had no traiing then we left the clan

  13. “Clans are not to be made for the sole purpose of breaking rules.”

    That can be _A_ purpose, just not the _SOLE_ purpose?


  14. “while letting the dominant clans reign”
    Unfortunately, the point of most clans is to be dominant. This is where your rules fail.

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