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My Thoughts

As some of you may know, I like to just sit down, open WordPress, and blog about whatever comes to mind. Today I sit with only a few weeks of school winding down, wondering how this summer will affect me, you, and Roblox.

I like to keep my personal happenings personal, but with the world as it is, its pretty hard to. Summer brings the thought of relaxation, fun, but most of all, work. I begin to think how the summer will affect the work that all the mods do. Of course, the most obvious is more free time, more stuff to do. But what will happen to the user base? With much more free time, will great users begin to revamp Roblox into something more enjoyable for all? I don’t know, I could be getting ahead of myself.

I hope to see everyone in Roblox jumping into Roblox and shaping it into their game, just as much as I want them to go outside and enjoy the weather. I know I did the first time I was able to wear shorts this spring. But with school winding down to its final days, I can already see the push the users have made for Roblox. I can really say everyone is doing their part to tell everyone. The more the merrier, I say!

But what about you, the Roblox user. (Or, at least I hope you are a user. If you are not, signup. If you are a mod, skip this paragraph. :3) What do you plan to accomplish this summer, Roblox or not? Begin to notice what is fun and awesome in real life, and wonder “Hmm. I think I can build that.” There is nothing stopping you from building your local pool, to the entire neighborhood! (Of course, don’t use the actual name of your neighborhood.)

And as summer passes, and school begins to move its gears, the people of Roblox may slow down, but they will never stop. They will keep on building, playing, and improving the game for everyone.

But that’s not until the end of summer. I’d rather enjoy what I have now.


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