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Serious RoblEX Crash

RoblEX Crash

RoblEX Crash

Yikes. The RoblEX trade system is crashing big time. When this new system came out, ratios usually went for 4 or 5 tickets for 1 ROBUK. Then it went up to 6 for 1… then 7 for 1… and now 8 for one. Just look at the picture I attached above. People are getting so desperate that they’re putting up low amounts of tickets for market! Yikes! I mean, you can still go for the smaller, 4:1 or 5:1 trades if you want, but don’t get your hopes up. We could very well be headed for a huge depression. I recommend you take a break from the exchange for a while. It’s just not worth wasting the money.



5 Responses

  1. Yikes, the economy on roblox is like the economy in the US. I hope it calms down a bit

  2. People’s greed on roblox has given the admins full control of where the TC goes. More robux items = higher robux value, while more tix items = higher tix value.

  3. Yea, I hope it goes down. DON’T MAKE ANYMORE HATS!! Or at least convince the company to make a 1 tix hat that just shows 1 tix.

  4. Why not just merge the two currencies together? It’s kind of stupid to have two anyway. -_-

  5. Haha Last night it was up at 12@ market or 12tix for one R

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