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ROBLOX Fan sites are dead.

There. I said it.

Due to the fact that Roblox removed all fan-blogs from the Ro-blog, they hardly back them up anymore, and that they don’t allow off-site links anymore, making fan-sites for Roblox is a waste of time, as is blogging about it.

Sure, I get a few hits a day from people searching, but it was a lot more when I could post links to it, and it was definatly a lot more when I had a link straight from the Ro-Blog (And a whole news post about it, nyah.)

Just look at the other 3 major Roblox Blogs: Roblox News, Roblox Times, and Roblox Direct. All of those have barely been updated in the last month. Everyone has really stopped caring.

So, it is with this information behind my thoughts that I say:

Roblox Fan-sites and fan-blogs are dead.


(Note: I will keep blogging. :/ )


11 Responses

  1. However twitter seems to be getting pretty popular within roblox and small updates are so much more informative than blog posts of the same thing days later.

  2. Well At least you have twiiter to link stuff to

  3. […] Response to Briguy’s ROBLOX. (Fansites are Dead) June 27, 2009 at 10:53 am | In Roblox Direct News | Leave a Comment View the post I am repliying to: https://briguysroblox.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/roblox-fan-sites-are-dead/ […]

  4. Hey wow I guess fan sites aren’t very poplaur anymore.

  5. Yeah that seems pretty much right.

  6. So true. What shall happen to the fansites now?
    Maybe tagging posts with tags such as “ROBLOX hack” could help bring in some traffic. :/

  7. Why not write a guide on armored patrol wingman8’s new place I could write it myself If I had a blog which I dont and I do not intend to make one

  8. Also reese said no offsite links that means if you post a link to a site you made they may delete it… 😡

  9. roblox used to be more user-friendly 😦

  10. Yeah. It’s been hard for me too.

  11. So we’re staying up? All four of us are on twitter, though. I’m following the other three people on the blog, fyi.

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