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Lets list whats going down in the world of Roblox.

1. A lot of cool new updates are hiding on the Test Server.  Statuses like Twitter, Groups (I win), Best Friend Feeds, Personal Badges, and a new My Roblox page layout. It looks very cool. I hope to get on the test server soon and get time to have a full hands-on demo, which I will most likely record and narrate.

2. So many hats, I can’t keep track. I run out of Robux so quickly I need to learn how to use the Currency Exchange now. Its easy to make some quick Bux with the constant money. (Of course, I can use my “connections” to get stuff for free. I choose not to.)

3. The new contest, Video Tutuorial, is taking Youtube by storm. I quickly glanced through the rules and current videos, and ALREADY I think every idea has been taken. I find a minute not long enough to show someone how to do something. The cool stuff takes longer than a minute to make!

Enjoy whats happening, and whats to come!



3 Responses

  1. YES! I’ve been waiting for groups for so long XD. Now I just need a friend with BC to make one for me…

  2. I cant wait! The groups i am guessing will be used as clans.but roblox dont wanna call them that :s
    Twitter feeds will beh awsomes, save meh the trouble of going to twitter to see the tweets
    User made badges=awsome
    Groups for BC and TBC? Hmm i dont mind as i was first user
    Spose will stop spam of groups tho

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