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Oh, its that time again. Where I sit down, open WordPress, and reflect on the last few months of Roblox.

Its been fun, playing Roblox, moderating, playing TF2 with the other mods, my friends, relaxing from summer ectect. I’m sure I won’t be the only happy mod when school starts up again and the posting rate drops from a post every .5 seconds to a post every few seconds. 😀

Roblox has gone through a bit of changes, with the major Groups and Feeds update, and the millions of hats that get pushed out faster than the post rate (Which I just said, is uber-fast). But in times like these, everyone is looking for a place where money is being wasted. Roblox’s Builders Club is no exception. Sure, it’s not a waste, but its not a necessity either (Unless you are Maxxz). You can bet 5 extra dollars a month is going to really help families *rolls eyes*

Everyone is cutting back. Heck, I almost lost my cable. But there is still one place I can look forward to. Roblox. Even when the w0rld seems to be on its knees, trying to find new ways to help each other out of the massive hole, kids around the world can log on, and play. Just play. Forget whats going on. Just play. Forget to eat. Just play. Forget to do chores. Just play. (Uhh…In retrospect, you shouldn’t really play Roblox over eating….or chores…)

Even after playing for 2 years and moderating for 1, I enjoy jumping on every day, for that one lucky shot, that one amazing place.

And coming to a world full of people just trying to forget it all.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, Robloxia. School for me starts August 26. It won’t stop me from playing.



4 Responses

  1. […] This post was Twitted by briguy9876 […]

  2. Wow. Really is dead on here. Last time I visted, it was pretty busy :P.

  3. lol, brig. nice to see one of the fansites going. If you want to find one of those lucky places, look at stickmasterluke’s copter game. Great scripting.


  4. lol, brig. nice to see one of the fansites going. If you want to find one of those lucky places, look at stickmasterluke's copter game. Great scripting.

    -worldwaffle;. All the best!!

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