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Is Roblox to Facebook connectivity for the best?

Many have joined the Roblox Test Server and saw that you can connect to Facebook. So far I saw:

-Status updates on Roblox get sent to Facebook
-You can share places, items, and other things.

I am sure there is more, I was only on for a few minutes.

But I began to wonder: Is this for the best of Roblox? Lets think: Facebook is mostly filled with Teens and older kids. That is what we have a lack of on Roblox: Older, maturer, and smarter kids. If we get an influx of older kids, we might get an influx of better places, which is all together better for the game.

But the community? Well, the older kids might get stifled by the filter, and post nastier stuff, but I think we (and by we I mean the mods) can handle it, when and if it happens.

So. Is it for the best?



2 Responses

  1. I think it’s unneccessary

  2. its just not right

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