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Roblox Developers’ Journal » The One True ROBLOX

Roblox Developers’ Journal » The One True ROBLOX.

(Random link. olol)

So I was moderating today. Big shocker there. But people keep on doing the same thing every day.

They reply to and bump spam.

I mean COMON! If its spam, just report it and go away. Every reply is just as bad as a whole new topic about it. If you see it, leave it be. It annoys me not only when people do it, but when I have to scrub EVERY reply and get action taken out on the others who replied, who could be the nicest person you may ever know.

I mean, seriously, just……stop.


3 Responses

  1. I facepalm myself whenever I reply to spam threads, but sometimes it’s just so tempting to make a joke… D=<

  2. When I overtempt myself, I try to post the moment after someone else posts, so that I don’t bump it any higher than it allready is 😛

  3. roblox is totally awesome!!!

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