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Locked Wiki? No problem.

As you may already know, the Roblox wiki was locked. Therefore, users can no longer post new advice for scripting, and people will find out the hard way that most of the techniques no longer work due to Roblox updates. So what do you do then?

You could always go to the ROBLOX forums, but that seems to be a paradise of noobs, trolls, and meaningful threads dying 4 seconds after being posted. No to mention the mods can be slow to respond to reports (Briguy, on the contrary, does a good job, if you ask me).

Nothing left, right? Wrong. A friend of mine is currently working on a forum where you can share your building and scripting tips to all site visitors. There is only one admin (the creator, Gregg) and one moderator (that would be me :3) so far, but as the community grows (We only have two other users right now; the forum was just created!), we’ll get more moderators. Right now, we don’t really need that many (obviously). If you do choose to visit, don’t try pulling anything off, because I’ll be keeping an eye on you.



-XiaoXiaoMan (For the first time in a while O_o)

Yeah. I’m still alive. I’ve been a bit busy lately.


5 Responses

  1. I remember the scripting side of the roblox community was working on a new updated wiki that was REALLY good, but I forgot what it was called. I might check that out.

  2. yeah, i remember thw wiki, i still use it to find ou weather to use = or == in my scripts. i will check out what u segusted though.

  3. i know that i was a old frend of some one *.* yes i was now people are starting to hate me now can you donat to please do it

  4. no news about OBC yet? i was thinking you would post about it sence its not on blog.roblox.com.

  5. Hey, we’re only human. Humans with lives.

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