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Whuts up?

Hello readers. Sorry I haven’t posted anything relativly new lately. School, work, ect ect. Well, actually….just school.

So here is a quick roundup

1. Vibhu is doing a lot of awesome projects. Faith in Roblox +10%!

2. Hats. A LOT OF HATS.

3. Outrageous BC. Truely outrageous.

4. OBC webcasts. Wasn’t this suggested like 2 whole years ago? I remember someone saying this a looooong time ago. Did I suggest it? I digress.

5. More Fourm Mods. The more the merrier, and the safer.

6. A lot of minor things, like a new login page and constantly updating groups.

And there is one more thing I was going to talk about: Fleshjherta. Roblox owes more to him than they think. I mean, thats how I found Roblox, and I am sure thats how many others did too before videos, and the site, went totally mainstream. He is an old player, banned now, but forever part of the Roblox history books. Hey, he might even still be playing and acting like a normal user. It would be cool. ;D



One Response

  1. Lol. An OBC cast that anyone can watch. And you’re right about Fleshjerta (was that the way his name was spelled? I’ve seen it many different ways, never remembered the correct one.) Although a lot of people thought he was and still think he was a noob, he did bring people to roblox, although a lot of those people were noobs, at least a few of them we have to thank him for. There’s you, RedSquirrell (sp?) (did he come because of those videos? I think I saw it in a interview post on some blog.)

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