Roblox place guides. The very thing that started this blog and moved it so far along, are impossible to make these days. I’ve tried every place and nothing seems too worthy of a guide. I’ve also allowed users to PM with guides (free advertising much?) but no one even tries it.

So heres another offer: If you know of a place thats really worthy of a guide (Ex: Tipover) then post it in the comments. Also, if you have a great place, but people get confused, be sure to PM me with a guide and I will take a look. Remember, the place creator knows the place best!



The Wiki has gotten better.

The wiki is finally getting along well, we could see soon that maybe we will have the ability to edit and add new pages. Mr_DoomBringer has been hard at work getting the wiki ready for users to be able to edit without having problems with spam and other nonsense. Recently he added a whole new section for users that are new to roblox. Check it out here!

Let’s hope the wiki will be editable very soon so that we may make this wiki the best it can possibly be.

— Nexx

The first particle effect of many.

There was a recent release this week of a cool new feature, it’s called; particle effects. There will be more to come, but for now we have smoke.

Some people have been asking how to add it, I am here to clear that up. You need to have the basic knowledge of the roblox studio, if not click here

Now once you open roblox studio, click on a brick in the explore panel. Then you will go to insert, and click object. Move the scroll bar to the end and you will see a symbol that is black and it says smoke next to it.

Wants you add it, you can change different parts about it in the properties panel.

Hoped this helped 😉

— Nexx

Briguy’s Roblox Podcast

Want to take a piece of Briguy’s Roblox wherever you go? Now you can, with the Briguy’s Roblox Podcast (jeez thats a mouthful). It will be updated, at the very least, once a week. It is in RSS format, so you can get it on Itunes or whatever you need.

You can get the podcast here


Time to Verify

Recently Telamon posted on his Twitter to verify you Roblox account. he didn’t say why, but we can guess the gift in the catalog is for it.

The best idea is to verify your account by going to “My Roblox” and clicking “Account” there will be an area where you can enter your email and click verify. It’s that easy, you just need to have an email adress or your parents email. Hope this helps 😉

Also, you need to do it soon, before they give the gift out.

Hey Guys :)

Hey guys, not many of you know me, but I’ll be posting now on here frequently. I’ll try to make them as interesting as I can 😉

My username is Nexx on Roblox. I’ve made some good games in the past, and I hope to contribute a big part to this blog.

So hello 🙂
— NexxRBLX