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The first particle effect of many.

There was a recent release this week of a cool new feature, it’s called; particle effects. There will be more to come, but for now we have smoke.

Some people have been asking how to add it, I am here to clear that up. You need to have the basic knowledge of the roblox studio, if not click here

Now once you open roblox studio, click on a brick in the explore panel. Then you will go to insert, and click object. Move the scroll bar to the end and you will see a symbol that is black and it says smoke next to it.

Wants you add it, you can change different parts about it in the properties panel.

Hoped this helped 😉

— Nexx


6 Responses

  1. I like it, simple, easy to remember.

  2. O_e I just looked at the recent posts side panel thing, I DO post here a lot, maybe I should slow down XD

  3. You know what I just realized: smoke flows up relative to the part it’s inside; not up relative to the world. :O

  4. @blobbyblob: Yeppers, that’s fun, I’ve known for a while, but I can’t join games or roblox studio, so I can’t test around with it. D=

  5. ya, i noticed on the test server, the fact smoke points up reletive to the brick could be used to make decent fog machines.
    what other particles do u think there will b? i hope we get to change the decal of them someday!!

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